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Bruntwood Works ‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’ Interactive

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Sleep will always be a huge factor in how productive we are in the office. The latest condition that has been circling the headlines is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, which includes various nighttime behaviours to subconsciously prevent yourself from going to sleep

In light of this, in collaboration with workplace safety and health specialists, IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), workplace experts, Bruntwood Works have created an online calculator to determine if you could be suffering from the condition. 

But before you find out, here is what the expert has to say about the dangers of missing out on sleep:

Stephen Thomas, health and safety business partner says: Sleep is an unavoidable and non-negotiable physiological function critical to our overall health and well-being – both mental and physical. Sleep deficit from issues such as bedtime procrastination can lead to a multitude of negative effects which impact worker productivity. This includes ‘brain fog’, depression, increased risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. Tiredness or fatigue may also result in an increased likelihood of accidents while at work or driving which, if directly linked to work activity, can result in litigation or prosecution.

‘While it may be tempting for workers to put off bedtime to binge-watch the latest TV show or catch up with the housework before bedtime, this is clearly a false economy and can even lead to long-term harm. With this in mind, if workers are concerned that they are not getting enough leisure time due to excessive workloads, they should discuss this with their line managers and find a way to improve the situation. For their part, employers should strive to provide decent, sustainable work which does not excessively impinge on workers’ leisure time; they should also discourage an “always-on” culture where workers are required or feel obliged to access emails in their own time.’

Stephen concludes: ‘If you find that you may be suffering from Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, use our online guide for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep to improve your productivity at the office. Bloc, our latest pioneer workspace in Manchester, will be launching in May and will be home to a sleep pod – so come and chill out if you need to catch up on some rest and relaxation.’

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