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Rethink Beyond Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2022

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It is as easy as that, the year 2021 has been gone, and many of us still believe it’s been a good year. It has been a fantastic year; although it is another year in a pandemic, we still need to be more compassionate about our self-development and mental health in 2022.

As this new year approaches, many of us set out to make a new list of our New Year’s resolutions. Indeed, this new year is an excellent opportunity to assess areas where we want to improve. Still, it would be better to set our goals in less-pressured ways, especially since uncertain times continue and things like these are tough on our mental health.

You can rethink your New Year’s Resolution while not too harsh on pushing hard on yourself.

Continue developing your habits

It is better if, instead of creating a new set of routines, maintain and improve on our old habits, it might be old, but it is helping you to be closer to your goals.

One step at a time

Nobody requires us to shoot for one time on our whole year’s goals, and it is still better to start on our achievable short-term objectives as it progresses. Seeing how it moves keeps us more motivated to work on our long-term, attainable goals.

Refresh your core values

Most of the time, we change things if it supports our core values, we consider asking ourselves if what is more important, and we take time to understand that our values are connected to set our goals, we align what we want to be based on our rooted values.

Set on attainable goals

Most of us wanted to achieve more incredible on what we listed last year or what we did last year; there is nothing wrong with setting your goals, but it would be more fulfilling if we set more achievable goals this time.

Track on your checklist

Identify each day, week or month, and the steps you took to become closer to your goals. It will become more manageable and achievable if we track our actions.

It doesn’t need the resolution to set new goals or continue working on them. It is never too delayed to rethink, reestablish, and refocus on the things you wish to achieve in life while taking care of your mental health too. Don’t be too harsh on yourself; this should be the first on your list.

Rona dela Rosa is the editor of Psychreg. She is an associate professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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