Art and Research for Social Action

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News, (2018, May 24). Art and Research for Social Action. Psychreg on Mental Health & Well-Being.
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On Friday, 15th June, the University of Brighton will host an exciting event featuring over 29 talks, workshops, performances, installations and displays focused on arts and research for social change. Sessions will be delivered by over 40 academics, artists, and community practitioners from around the world.

The event is open to everyone with an interest in the arts, research and social action, regardless of their experience in the arts or academia. The jam-packed, interactive daytime programme at Falmer Campus will be followed by an evening spoken word and music show at the Latest Music Bar in Manchester Street, featuring performances from Kate Fox, Joelle Taylor, Jacob Sam-La Rose, and Quiet Loner.

Tickets are only £35, including lunch, refreshments and all events.

For further information and to register, click here, or check out their Facebook page

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