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Research Proposal: Performance of the Employees with Professional and Friendly Working Relationships

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Workplace relations are one of the common factors that affect the performance of an employee in a current organisation. This can be explained by observing the connection between your co-workers and colleagues in a certain workplace. As I might say, there would be two kinds of working relationships namely professional and personal working relationships.

In my few years of working in different organisations, I have seen the difference in their performance. Some are motivated while others are not. Some are working to contribute to the organization while others are working just to earn their salary. There may be some differences regarding their productivity. Based on this experience, a question suddenly struck me. Is there something that affects their productivity at work? Well, it looks like the kind of working relationship in an organisation affects the way they perform their job.

So, as I take this master’s degree in industrial psychology, I’m thinking about having a study regarding the correlation between job performance and working relationships. So, I’m planning to tackle about comparative study of the performance of employees with professional and friendly working relationships. The target of this study would be the employees of the BPO companies. In my opinion, as this is one of the busiest industries here in the Philippines, so different workplace relations are very common. I plan to conduct the study through social media such as Facebook cause many BPO employees are using this social media.

The reason I’m taking this topic is due to personal interest. Because of this, I was intrigued to take this study for the following reasons: first, organisational identity or the feeling of oneness with the organization and its goal. Due to my particular interest in the topic of working relationships, I want to know how it may affect a certain organisation positively and negatively.

Secondly, I want to know if this may assist those who are planning to take the same interest in this study.

Lastly, differences in work relations are very common. So, I would like to inform others about how a performance of an employee may affect an organisation on an overall basis.

How am I going to achieve this? Well, I’m thinking about probing some related research before conducting a quantitative method of analysis.

Patrick L. Publico is a master’s degree student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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