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Research Proposal: Employment Opportunities for the ‘Gig Generation’

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Due to the pandemic, the ongoing war between Russian and Ukraine along with the uncertainty of the economy, the ‘hustle’ or the ‘gig generation’ is gaining this year. We are seing exponential rise of social media platforms such as TikTok, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), online shopping, and the likes.

Family breadwinners and those people who experienced job loss due to the pandemic started doing this trend of hustle and gig as a safety net and a support in case of economy collapsed. As the pandemic ends, and the global economy slowly getting back to normal, many Filipinos remain in the hustle or gig culture.

I have taken interest in this topic after Axie, an NF game, started to become a trend during the pandemic. Another thins that prompted is those discussions I had with colleagues in the BPO industry  who doesn’t not want promotion, because they believe that being promoted means more tasks. And more tasks means  less time doing their side hustle.

I was thinking about researching about leadership tendencies and job satisfaction of employees with other streams of income. I would like to know if an employee with other streams of income is less likely to become a leader in the organisation. I would also like to know if having other steams of income affects the job satisfaction of employees within the organisation.

After receiving some feedback, along with reading similar studies, I decided to consider the stress level of employees with other streams of income and their personality. Are the participants stress level high? Is their stress coming from the fact that they have other streams of income? Or if their personality is affecting their view of leadership, satisfaction, and stress while having other streams of income. I still need to narrow this down and give focus on one or two factors once the theoretical framework has been completed.

I will gather data using purposive sampling since this topic is quite new in the Philippines and became a trend recently during the pandemic. I will focus on employees working full time with other streams of income. The other stream of income can any be of the following: part-time job or second full-time job; monetised social media platform; online or physical business; stocks; NFTs; or any other of form actions that bring additional money to the participant. 

I am still reviewing previous studies and theories related to stress, leadership style, and job satisfaction as guide for the theoretical framework of the study. While doing the review of related literature and studies, I am still open for further changes on the study on employees with other streams of income

I am planning to use qualitative and quantitative methodology for the study. For the qualitative method, I will use thematic analysis for leadership style and job satisfaction of employees with other streams of income. The set of questions will depend on the factors that will be considered for the study and the theoretical framework. For the quantitative method, I will use correlational study of stress and job satisfaction of employees with other streams of income.

I am still evaluating the best possible instrument for the study that is in line with the theoretical framework.

I am expecting that the study will help organisations in their decision making in hiring applicants with other stream of income for a leadership position. The study will also give insight to organisation for the retention of their employees with other streams of income. The study also aims to help the future researchers of this topic especially the ‘hustle’ culture.

Vincent Dolido is a master’s degree student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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