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Research Proposal: Correlational Study on the Effect of Personality Type on Work Performance

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My motivation in doing this study is to know whether personality may have an effect on the work performance rating for the sourcing specialist role in our company. This study may help our organisation in considering hiring candidates with a specific personality that can yield higher scores in work performance evaluation and in turn result to better work output. Predictive analytics hiring system are method in the recruitment space where recruiters analyse historical data to predict future recruitment needs and preferences. In summary, this study aims to creating a predictive hiring system for sourcing specialist role through the use of data analytics starting on the personality traits. 


This study will have approximately 35–40 sourcing specialists working in Fetcher, a recruitment technology company, as a participant. Each participant should be currently in a sourcing specialist role and have been at that role for at least six consecutive months to be considered in the study. Demographics such as age, and gender will be gathered and considered in the study .


This study will be quantitative in nature and will be utilising statistical tool of Pearson correlation coefficient by quantifying the relationship between each personality scales measured in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and quantitative and qualitative aspects of work performance. 

In measuring the personality, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will be used in measuring the following: Extraversion vs. Introversion; Sensing vs. Intuition; Thinking vs. Feeling; Judging vs. Perceiving. For measuring work performance, we will be using the metrics used by the organization which are quantitative (such as timeliness, contact rate, good/poor batch etc.) and qualitative (collaboration, willingness to help, open for learning etc) metrics.  

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will be administered virtually all at once since the current set up of the sourcing specialist role is work from home. 

The overall work performance month that will be used for the study will be the 6th month holding the sourcing specialist role. This is to give time for participants to get past the learning curve of the position. 

Scope of the study

This study is limited for employees working in Fetcher, under the operations team and holding a sourcing specialist role. This study will only be focusing on the effect of personality type on the overall work performance whilst excluding other internal (motivation, beliefs, etc.) or external factors (wifi connection, equipment, etc.) that might affect the work performance and the result of the study overall.

Furthermore, since the participants of the study are limited to only sourcing specialists of Fetcher, results, interpretation and recommendations that are formulated on this research are only applicable within the said organization and should not be used to generalized all organisations.  


This study aims to aid Fetcher’s talent acquisition team in numerous aspects: 

  • A start on creating a predictive hiring system based on data analytics showing the personality type that have shown greater probabilities of good work performance 
  • A research-backed candidate selection approach in identifying the best candidate for sourcing specialist role
  • Identifying which area in the measurement work performance does each personality type struggle with and which area do they excel.
  • This study can help the company in minimising staff attrition as it can aid in understanding the workforce. 

John Patrick Murallon is a master’s degree student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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