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Research in Imagery and Observation Group Support


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The RIO Group was formed in 2006 and unlike many academic conferences RIO has remained free of charge for its members and attendees.

For ten years RIO has survived on the good will of the hosting institution to provide conference facilities and catering. However, the funding climate in academic institutions is ever-changing. For this reason we hope to strengthen the existing RIO funding model with your help.

Please consider making a kind donation to support the future delivery of RIO, which in turn will continue to nurture high quality research in imagery and observation, along with an inclusive “community” spirit. If you have benefitted from RIO in the past, please consider helping us now to safeguard RIO’s vibrant future.

RIO members attend an annual group meeting at different locations across Europe to discuss their research findings and ideas, as well as the future growth of RIO. The research carried out by RIO members impacts across disciplines, including many areas within applied sport science, motor/clinical rehabilitation, cognitive psychology and neuroscience.  The Group’s range of expertise is extremely helpful for learning new skills or methods for research. Overall there is a supportive and collaborative theme to the group, which welcomes people with different perspectives and levels of academic experience (e.g., from undergraduate to professors). 

Your contribution will go toward safeguarding the future delivery of high-quality RIO events. We will use this money wisely to support costs incurred through catering, conference booklets and administration etc. Your money will help the smooth running of the RIO annual event, and any associated workshops advertised to RIO members. Ultimately, we hope this will help RIO to continue to be an attractive and enjoyable event through which to discuss innovative research and collaborations.

If you are not a member but would like to know more, please check out our website.   

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