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Research Finds Recipes Sound More Delicious when Spoken with an Irish Accent

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Irish accents are a favourite among English speakers across the world, with many studies labelling them as “most charming” and “least annoying”. But does the Irish accent have the power to affect senses beyond hearing?

A new study conducted by data experts at meal delivery provider, HelloFresh Ireland sheds light on the influence of the Irish accent, revealing its multi-sensory capabilities in cooking and recipes. 

The findings highlight how the Irish accent not only evokes feelings of reassurance and comfort but also enhances the culinary experience for listeners.

In the experiment, participants were tasked with listening to recordings of two different chefs delivering the same recipe. The only difference was that one chef had an Irish accent and the other had a non-Irish accent, such as British, Australian, or American. They were asked to tell us which recipe they preferred based on their voice alone. 

The results showed a clear fondness of the Irish accent, with participants preferring its qualities. Many responses simply exclaimed, “I love the Irish accent,” reflecting the deep-seated appeal it holds.

Within the context of cooking, some responses touched on how the Irish accent made a chef sound more passionate about the dishes they were making:

“He had a better cadence to his voice; you  could tell he was passionate and more enthusiastic without being over the top.”

“You could tell just by his voice he was passionate about what he’s making.”

Other responses commented on the multi-sensory capabilities of the Irish accent, specifically how the accent allowed listeners to feel like they could ‘taste’ the dish they were preparing:

“I felt like I could taste the dish. It felt like it had more flavour and I could envision it clearer.”

“Based on his voice alone, I could imagine the dish he was making was really tasty.”

Common words used to describe the Irish accent in cooking videos

  • Engaging
  • Passionate
  • Friendly
  • Calm
  • Soft
  • Smooth
  • Warm
  • Soothing
  • Inviting
  • Homely
  • Lyrical
  • Comforting
  • Enthusiastic
  • Approachable
  • Down to earth
  • Charming
  • Cosy
  • Upbeat
  • Reassuring
  • Genuine
  • Welcoming
  • Lively

In response to these findings, Hannah Duxbury, Head of Culinary at HelloFresh Ireland, says: “The results of this study highlight the huge impact that the Irish accent can have on the culinary experience as a whole. As someone deeply entrenched in the Irish food industry, I’ve long believed in the power of storytelling and connection in cooking. The Irish accent, with its inherent charm and warmth, has a unique ability to evoke emotions and create a sense of familiarity that enhances the enjoyment of food.”

The comfort and tradition of Irish food is important at HelloFresh Ireland, which is why they provide locally sourced ingredients from Irish farms, as well as a range of delicious Irish recipes

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