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The Relationship Between Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness – there is a big misconception about how these two words are used. When people and even publications use them interchangeably, one can think that they mean something similar. But this is not the case, especially when we follow the description given by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Health, according to the WHO, is when your physical, mental and social status is complete and without a defect. Surprisingly, most people think that health just covers the physical and mental parts. The social part also plays a part, but the major factor that is considered is the lack of ailments in the body.

Wellness, according to the WHO, is the process through which a person makes efforts to live a healthier life than they are at the moment. That is why wellness centres on exercise, a healthy diet, and overall health practices that should be followed by everyone.

Health and wellness at home

Home is an important place in people’s lives. It is where people come from when going to work or school and also come back in the evening. In life, a person spends more time at home than anywhere else.

It is important to distinguish these two concepts while at home so that the foundation of each one can be laid down. Wellness leads to a healthy status and there is no doubt about that. So, what are the efforts that should be made at home to improve health? 

Cook healthy meals

There is a significant emphasis on what people eat because it will determine their health status. Food can cause or keep illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and many others at bay. Better still, food can help a person manage various conditions, including the promotion of a healthy mind. At home, everyone should focus on eating a balanced diet at all times and drink enough water, which is a paramount part of the diet.


You do not have to install a home gym to stay fit. There is the option of using body-weight workouts or running outside in the park.

Another wellness process to improve your health is the rest achieved through sleep. First of all, check if your bed is clean, has the right mattress, and includes a supportive pillow. These efforts will definitely promote better health because there will be no back pain and your mind will be fresh at all times.

Health and wellness when outside of your home

Here, we are interested in promoting these two at the workplace and school because they are the other two places where people spend relatively more time every day. Again, it is all about promoting wellness, and through that, a healthy status will be achieved. For instance, an employer who is interested in having a productive team will encourage wellness.

While at work, there are habits that will make a difference in the lives of employees. Let them know that water is better than soda and that taking a break from the desk is a wellness effort that promotes health. Employees who cycle to work instead of sitting behind the wheel are healthier because they have adopted this wellness habit.

Some schools and companies have wellness centres or departments that promote the various processes. For example, in sports or a gym facility, any training is an opportunity to show people the importance of practising wellness. If employees and students are aware of how to prevent cancer, accidents, and many other health issues, they will definitely embrace wellness. It might be a struggle to take the stairs to the 10th floor in the morning, but being aware of the benefits will encourage you.


According to the insights that we have gained, health and wellness are inseparable, but they cannot be used interchangeably. Now that we have seen their differences and relationships, achieving both is very easy. All that a person needs to do is follow simple steps. When done in the right way, the results are not only enjoyable, but also prolong life and make it more vibrant.

Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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