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Rehabs and Treatment for Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in New Jersey

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Drug addiction and alcoholism are never easy to get through. When you’re addicted to a substance, you’ll likely need professional help to get sober. Furthermore, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may also be struggling with other mental health issues and trauma that are hiding beneath the surface. 

Whether you or your loved one would like to attend a religious rehab, a luxury rehab, or a standard 12-step psychologically-based rehab, there is an addiction treatment center for everyone. Below are some options that provide quality addiction treatment for people who need help with drugs and alcoholism in New Jersey.

Dual diagnosis

When someone is struggling with drug addiction, there is a good chance that the person is going through other mental health issues. With addiction, there could be underlying problems with mental health that may or may not be immediately detectable. If this is the case, the person doesn’t just need treatment for addiction. They need treatment for their mental health to stay sober and live a happy, healthy, and successful life. However you look at it, dual-diagnosis cases need to be treated as such.

Standard 12-step programmes

Most addiction treatment centres are psychologically-based 12-step programmes that promote sobriety through the steps, atonement, and belief in a higher power. While it isn’t mandatory that you believe in a higher power, these rehabs encourage it as a way to help the patients in their efforts to stay sober. While these drug rehab centres are the most common, there are also other options that include more luxurious and specified facilities and services.

Religious addiction treatment

If you or your loved one is religious, there are quite a few options to find a religious addiction treatment centre. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or another religion, you can likely find a rehab facility that keeps faith as a part of the process. While most of the successful religious rehabs stick to the 12-step program to help their clients get and stay sober, religion is incorporated as a part of the higher power encouragement. It isn’t mandatory to get sober, but religion helps a lot of people during their time getting sober.

Luxury rehab centres

Another type of addiction recovery clinic is luxury rehab. These facilities take the standard 12-step rehab and add other amenities to provide more and better services. Some of these drug rehabs have pools, games, and other activities that allow people to forget their cravings and troubles for a while. The purpose to stay sober and sometimes a masseuse and better facilities allow them to worry less and focus on their lives. 

Furthermore, luxury rehabs are usually in idyllic or serene locations, providing peace of mind and freedom from the stress of cities. If you have the money, paying extra for a luxury rehab will provide better counsellors, nicer settings, and amenities that the patients can enjoy while they try to improve the spiritual health of their lives. Luxury rehabs can be quite effective.

Staying the course

After the person who has been struggling with drug addiction gets out of whichever rehab centre they’ve been staying in, it is absolutely vital for them to stay the course and continue working on their sobriety. Getting a sponsor and attending either Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings will help the person stay sober. It is never easy and relapse is a part of recovery. But if the person gets the treatment they need for the trauma, mental health issues, and other problems that lead to addiction and alcoholism, anyone can get sober.

Rehab is an uncomfortable subject for a lot of people, but it shouldn’t be. Everyone can have the opportunity to get sober with the wide variety of addiction recovery centres and treatment options. Each person is different and requires different things, but keeping up the recovery process by working the steps and talking with counsellors and sponsors is absolutely necessary. Sobriety isn’t easy, but when the person does the hard work they will find that their life will be easier, healthier, and more productive. You will be able to turn a new life and create a brand new way of living that doesn’t compare to your former life.

Elena Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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