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4 Phases of Rehabilitation Process for Drug Addiction

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Addiction to anything characterised as compulsive use and difficulty in control and became a chronic disease. Drug addiction starts with the way you feel after consumption and start affecting your brain. A drug addictive obsessively uses drugs without thinking of the harmful consequences.

The drug addictives start intake with the thought of control that how much and how often they are going to use, but soon they lost self-control and the ability to resist against the urge to consume drugs. Drug addiction is thought to be a relapsing disease because of the changes it makes might be constant. The people who have recovered have a huge risk to get back to it.

An addictive person might relapse after years, but that does not mean that treatment has no effects. Sam, like other chronic diseases, the treatment must go on and adjusted according to the need of patients and their response. The treatment needs to review repeatedly and modified according to the individuals’ need.

Is there any cure possible?

Most of the chronic diseases do not have a cure, which means that the disease will not be healed completely. But same as other diseases like asthma, heart diseases, and diabetes, drug addiction can also be treated and managed. There is always a risk of relapsing might be for whole life, but treatment can affect the behaviour.

The research has shown that the treatment, including some medications along with the therapy assures the successful results. Treatment finds outs the patterns of drug consumption for the healing ad any reversion of any problem, including mental, medical, or social issues will raise the need to continue the treatment. The treatment is often referred to as rehabilitation programmes.

You can find rehabilitation programs according to your condition. Some rehabilitation provides different programmes for recovery. For instance, Turning Point Centers provide service for drug addiction rehab in Utah

The 4 phases drug addiction rehab programme

The treatment in the programmes has some common phases. These phases help an individual to get long-term sobriety and helps you heal your mind completely along with the body and soul. Each phase helps the addictive to get to know his/her condition and to be active to treat it. The phases are:

1. Assessment

The first thing of the treatment is a complete assessment, which not only helps the doctor to understand your condition but you too. You need to understand yourself to get prepared for the treatment, and doctors prepare your schedule and the staff, which can help you throughout the process.

2. Detoxification

Detoxification removes the drugs from your body and prepares you for the rehabilitation process. It must be done under trusted and credentialed guidance.

3. Rehabilitation
It helps you heal and helps to get core issues to fuel your addiction through the treatment.

4. Aftercare

As the addiction is a relapsing disease, the aftercare process insures to adopt the skill learned throughout the rehabilitation process in daily life.


Drug addiction is a co-occurring disease, and it requires patience and stamina to get recover. You need to believe in yourself as well as the rehabilitation centre and staff to get complete recovery successfully.

Peter Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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