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Rehabs in Bali for Addiction Recovery  

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One of the best destinations for addiction recovery in Southeast Asia is Bali with lots of rehab clinics to choose from. Their standards of care continue to grow that even attracts people from the west looking for addiction treatment programs.

It surpasses Thailand’s rehab industry due to increasing numbers of addicts arriving in Bali desiring a cure. Most clients have come from Australia, Europe, and the US in recent years due to therapist’s referral to accredited treatment centers. Rehabs in Thailand have become the greatest competitor with more developed ways to treat addictions.

Why in Bali?

Bali has to offer a less costly environment to recover from addiction. Plus, the place is very ideal for overcoming behaviors caused by drugs or alcohol. There are beautiful landscapes, blue seas, and local heritage to help release unwanted emotions by simply viewing them.

Bali is a therapeutic place with the right community to cater to someone toward a new life and away from addiction triggers. The existing rehab centers are made holistic with a range of treatment programs that have combined traditional and spiritual practices. It is composed of 12-steps and is accessible on-site or via affiliated hospitals. The program includes withdrawal services and other detoxifying processes against addiction.

Here is a list of the reasons why many opt for Bali rehabs than anything else all these times:

Alternative therapies

Rehabs in Bali take pride in highly trained therapists making counseling and other expertise. They deliver therapeutic benefits for the clients in the practice of yoga, massage, and even meditation. Alternative therapies are a traditional method to treat addiction the fastest way possible.

High-quality treatment

Healthcare services in Bali are becoming better to accommodate a larger population in the future. Two of the best healthcare providers are Siloam Hospitals and BIMC, while the other facilities are affiliated with local providers. Detox assistance is possible with the latter option, only if necessary for the patient.

Easy access

Bali is an accessible country for anyone looking for a rehab center. Through the Ngurah Rai International Airport, clients can travel all around the region to find rehab facilities. Someone will assist clients with the transportation and even with formality requirements. The major airline is located in South of Denpasar.

Things to consider in looking for a Bali rehab centre

Bali being an island with volcanic hillsides and the natural beauty of paradise should not be enough reason for rehabilitation. Various addictions require a variety of treatments. The white sand beaches may not eventually work for an addicted person, that’s why below are the things you should consider before looking for a rehab center in Bali.

Individualised treatment plan

Not all addicts are on the same level, and hence different approaches must exist to treat various habits. Most rehab centers in Bali have a treatment plan for each client designed to aid the specific needs of the addict. It is believed that each person has unique requirements to speed up healing.

Trained and qualified staff

Bali’s rehab centers must be hiring qualified workers, those with experience and proven success in treating addictions. This will increase the chances of long-term abstinence for clients to enjoy a life of sobriety.

Long-term addiction treatment

According to studies, a higher success rate happens with long-term treatment durations than shorter episodes. Almost half of the percentage is the difference, and so looking for a rehab center with prolonged treatment programs is better, no matter the cost.

How much does it cost?

The cost of addiction treatment varies from country to country. Treatment setup also affects the overall price, either in or outpatient clinics. It ranges from low-cost to luxurious rehab clinics in Bali and some other countries.

Rehab clinics in Bali providing inpatient services will cost more than $5,000 for 28 days. It is inclusive of detox and medical services and other additional fees. VIP programmes are a bit more expensive up to $70,000, but when compared with treatment costs in other countries like America, Europe, and Australia, it will look more affordable. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in those places can cost $120,000.

However, we should not focus on the cost but rather on the treatment’s effectiveness and care quality.

Recommended rehab in Bali

The right advisers will assist clients to have an informed decision however choosing a rehab centre to address client’s specific needs can be challenging. Bali provides many good options of clinics for someone rediscovering itself.

A drug rehab centre in Bali could be a great sanctuary to pursue new life while running away from addictions. It consists of people ever willing to help others overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol to reconnect. The treatment involves dealing with mental health problems, which is believed to be the most hurt part of addiction. It can result in traumas that rehab experience can heal for a lifetime. After the treatment, individual counseling will take place to finally say goodbye to addiction for good.


Although Bali is a place for addiction recovery, there is zero-tolerance for drug use for both residents and non-residents. They take drug problems seriously. Drug abusers around Bali can be severely punished, either with extended prison sentences or the death penalty. The sad thing is still many tourists in Bali continue to abuse substances despite the said consequences. Therefore, Bali focuses on developing treatments against abuse disorders to serve people.

Elena Deeley did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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