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Start Your New Year Right: Refocus to Live a Moment of Your Life

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It is undeniable that what we have now is a fast phasing life. One moment it feels just a start of something new, and in a snap, the moment already waves its goodbye to us. Sometimes, we forget to cherish the moment we live, live in the present, and take what we have taken for granted.

Every moment is precious all the same way – may it be a good or bad day; it is just the moment you need to encounter to meet the greater person in you, balancing the good and the bad while cherishing every moment. It’s a new year, and we can try new exciting things to do for life’s enjoyment as we cherish this year’s moment.

Do things you haven’t tried before

Try new things you always wanted to do but were not given a chance to do so. Explore your activities. We regret the opportunities that we do not take, and it is better to experience and try them than never at all.

Try meeting new friends or welcoming new circles in your life

Part of exploring in life is to mingle with others. As we encounter different kinds of people, we gain different life lessons that we can apply to our lives. Life learning does not end inexperience, but it also comes from the experience of others.

Travel to more places, especially your local tourist spots

Having time with nature and the places around you gives you more time to reflect and internalise what you have in life.

Give more

You may want to help others through charitable institutions and many more. As the old saying goes, it is better to give than to receive. Sharing what we have will always be another form of showing that we care.

Engage yourself in relaxing activities

Take a pause. Have some relaxing activities such as reading a book, practising meditation, starting journaling, listening to music, playing any musical instrument, practising yoga, and many more. These activities will help you to have some time to ponder your thoughts. While doing these activities, above anything else, your mental health should be maintained while living in the moment.

Cherish your moments by ignoring all the outside distractions, stop thinking of what others would say and remember that whatever you will do, others have something to say, live every day as if it’s your last, do some crazy things you never thought you could, and lastly, cherish every moment by capturing and creating as many memories as you can. We always have to remember that life is too short not to live it. We have to live life as fully as possible.

Live today as if there’s no tomorrow. It is not yet too late to correct past wrongdoings and when things are looking down, look up or even take the chance you thought you never would. Try to do something special as you live every day, as you live in the moment, carpe diem.

Dina Relojo is the social media manager of Psychreg. She is a high school teacher from the Philippines.


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