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My Natural Recovery from Manic Bipolar Symptoms After Spiritual Awakening

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The abrupt awakening during the middle of one’s life can very often be displayed in the form of what most would consider signs of insanity or a mental break. Which places strain on the family and friends surrounding this individual, who look on without any reasoning to grasp onto in making sense of the sudden changes in the personality of their loved one. This is a detrimental stage in one’s ascension process and the need for tolerance amongst the support system members (family and significant other) would bring much comfort.

Any individual who has made their passing into the ‘oneness of the eternal present’ moment followed by an immediate return into this 3D reality will be forever changed as an individual with an entire psyche change resulting. The most important thing we can do during this process is to not prevent the evolution of thought processing from moving where it needs to move.

Without real exposure to the information surrounding the ascension of consciousness, you may find yourself in a stressful tug of war battle as you want your loved one to be back to normal, but they are continuing to display strange behaviours and perhaps saying things even stranger.

You may find the individual is expressing and even claiming such things like they believe they are God, or perhaps the second coming of Jesus Christ, which seems to be a popular stage for many who have induced their awakening through methamphetamines or some other substance. Perhaps they are claiming to be experiencing interactions with angels, aliens, or spirit guides – none of the specifics is truly up for debate by anyone outside of the individual experiencing these occurrences.

Now, I am not a doctor nor am I giving any medical advice. This all my own belief and opinion based on my own personal experiences. And experiences are what I have been gifted plenty in the realm of mental health and psychology-consciousness exploration.

Often this midlife awakening will be opened with a stage of what we can relate to as, ‘mania’, or psychosis. This is all resulting from the influx (or downloads) of brand new information on who they are as a living being – their entire view on their own existence has just taken on quite the load of new information. Imagine one day you are living with perspective as it is right now, based on the physical world and all of its ‘laws’ on reality and what is real in this reality. Then, within a moment’s time, that is changed. Flipped upside down, shaken around, and dumped out into pieces on the floor in front of you as you are introduced to brand new elements such as an intelligent life form non-physical making itself known to you. Other than fear initially, you would also come to the stage of awe-inspiring bewilderment – looking to us like the manic behaviours of a bipolar individual.

Who invented the labelling of this diagnosis we call bipolar anyway? I know people suffer from the symptoms, mostly the family members who are trying to deal with an individual experiencing the ups and downs. But is not life filled with ups and downs, and you or I have certain days where we are rushed with good excitement, joy, and positive energies – and on other days we can find ourselves low, not wanting to do anything, perhaps isolating or wanting to be left alone, and even depressive or more anxious than usual?

Salts of the earth for remedy

Life is filled with ups and downs, that seems to be the whole thing here. Although most don’t have to deal with the intensities that the manic-depressive individual is experiencing – as their mood tables can turn on a dime over no real source of external provocation to blame – we need to start seeing these symptoms for what they are. And if one wishes to change the symptoms from their life, then a view of self-control is helpful. This self-control comes through the practice of self-regulating one’s body and mind through simple mindfulness practices and some homoeopathic innovations to medicine.

First of all the consumption of salts is an imperative area of focus for the individuals who are living with symptoms of bipolar. Now, lithium carbonate (a controlled and psychiatrist prescribed medication) is derived from the chemical element of atomic number three, a soft silver-white metal. It is the lightest of the alkali metals – lithium. The compound of lithium carbonate or lithium salt is the combination used as a mood-stabilising drug. Often avoided by psychiatrists today for the effects it can have on the organs after long term usage or digesting them while dehydrated – which most people don’t drink enough in their day – so that is most likely the culprit to the side effects.

That is one option, or if someone prefers to try a more holistic way and are avoiding the prescribed drugs (remember that lithium is just an element of the Earth, undoctored like most of the chemical make up in medicines out there today) then you can always find some salts from overseas, I am told that any Black or Volcanic Salts which may be available are a good option for balancing the volatility of your symptoms.

Your body knows

These salts are sold for cooking and can be found at any shopping centre now, or even Amazon. If a specific salt calls to you while shopping or maybe you know of one right now that is already in your mind as you’re reading – I believe that is your intuitive knowing of what salt is best for you, and you should scrap the suggestions which may or may not work for the majority and take your own advice. Even though it’s usually not in the form of advice – the intuitions most often come as a simple thought, knowing, or visual in the mind’s eye – and rarely do we hear clear directions like: ‘Hey buddy, you should get the Himalayan salt and use 13 dashes a day in your water for best results.’

Unless you are clairvoyant and talking to your guides – then usually as the mind scans over something or you are driving and the auto-pilot mode is on in your analytical side of the brain – the thought, knowing or vision will come through real quick. Sometimes with a deep feeling of knowing or most likely with a simple matter of fact just thought of Himalayan salt and no real clear explanation given.

Be grateful for the messages we do get as individuals on this journey. The body’s intuition knows what it needs and there is no doctor or professional health coach that can give you the knowledge and information that your own body will give you. I learned this over my years working with seniors in corrective exercise as well as providing body work on the side, and as the body work experience grew I began coming aware of the information I was being given from the client’s body.

I began noticing that their body’s energy is doing the work through me. Whatever the energy is that is our energetic conscious connection with the body allowing us to feel and perceive the body as being our own – that is the energy which I am receiving the cues of what to do for their healing. I feel that any true person who is claiming to be a healer knows that in fact, they are not the ones who are administering the healing, rather they are receiving and directing the energies that come through them by way of the individual patient they work with. So there are no masters or chosen ones – if I can do it, you can do it. And if your body can tell me, then your body can tell you – it’s about being quiet enough to hear it.

Start by truly listening in your daily life to the people who are speaking to you – it’s not as easy as you may think. There will be a whole article on active-listening to come, but letting that go for now we are back to bipolar living.

Breathing and self-regulating

The individual is reaching new heights vibrationally and consciously as one is navigating the ups and downs of surges in energies such as creative flow states, the need for physical movements, exercise, or communicating and interacting with others about the meaning of life (or whatever it may be) often with a raised tone and fast speech.

If you have experienced these surges of energies in your lifetime or have been diagnosed manic-bipolar then you know how difficult it can be to get the words out fast enough to keep the conscious stream of thoughts flowing before they are lost or possibly forgotten. What can be done in these experiences where you catch yourself running your jaw at a mile per second and overly stimulated, excited and anxious in a conversation with someone, or if someone you know is displaying these increased speech patterns and manic conversations?

Breathe – or if it’s your loved one, ask them to breathe.

From the belly up. In fact, the Wim-Hoff breathing exercises are a gift to mankind and should be utilised by all who are living and breathing. But the individual experiencing the manic-bipolar symptoms will find that they can wind themselves down and reclaim their centeredness in a span of 30 seconds or less often. I’ve done this countless times myself, and although there is no money to be made or pill to be sold, you will find this exercise greatly impacting your life – even for the person just dealing with anxieties and stressors of modern-day life! Try it.

The moon balance

The other note to take into consideration on the bipolar individual’s experiences of symptoms and behaviours is that if the moon cycle is watched and the patterns of behaviours are documented or noted, then there may possibly be a connection with the planetary alignments of the moon and their experiences.

Drink water

Remember your body knows and this comes in the first thought you receive (although you may not hear) but this is called your intuition. Our intuitions have been covered and buried under all this data and information stuffed down the conscious pipe during our lifetime since schooling during developmental stages of the brain, and that strengthening of the analytical and logical side of the brain to rely on science, a book, or doctor to tell us everything that is fact or fiction. And now we have the second thought, which in many of us comes louder than the first, and often the only one we hear or cling to.

It’s all about regaining the ability to hear clearly this first thought and not allowing the second thought to send you off in another direction or halt your momentum completely with doubt.

Enjoy the weeks ahead – Covid life isn’t that bad #2020 – and focus on yourself. Time opened for all of us to grow and become better versions of ourselves if we choose it. So make your choice 🙂

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.


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