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Recovery from Long Haul Covid

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Coronavirus causes serious disturbances in the functioning of the human immune system. Studies have shown that the number of immune cells, even a few weeks after suffering covid, is not restored.

However, doctors advise not to rush with immunomodulatory and immunostimulating drugs. The body itself will restore immunity without drugs. It just takes time. And it is in our power to help the immune system with the recommended procedures in order to finally recover from the disease. Here are helpful tips for recovery from long haul Covid.

How to recover from coronavirus?

Most people get Covid mild or asymptomatic. A smaller number of diseases occur in moderate and severe forms. Unfortunately, all patients, regardless of the severity of the disease, suffer from the consequences of the coronavirus. Each of them requires a rehabilitation period, which depends on the course of the transferred covid.

Practice shows that the most common manifestation of a new coronavirus infection is bilateral pneumonia. But it’s not just the lungs that suffer. The virus has a negative impact on many human organs, including the immune system. The cardiovascular system suffers.

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More than half of patients suffer from neurological disorders after the disease: chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depressed psycho-emotional state, depression. Many patients report problems with memory and concentration. Psychosomatic disorders are caused by impaired lung function, which is unable to provide the cerebral cortex with oxygen to the full extent. There are also many complaints about the loss of orientation in time and space. People who suffer covid can suffer from panic attacks for a long time, also as a result of brain hypoxia.

Oxygen deficiency has a negative effect on brain cells. Kidney function deteriorates Post-covid symptoms also include muscle weakness, joint pain, and hair loss.

Cope with the consequences of the disease will help a comprehensive recovery program after covid, which includes the following basics:

  • Proper and balanced nutrition
  • Breathing exercises
  • Moderate physical activity
  • Recommended physical therapy

A balanced diet consists of a diet rich in fiber and probiotics. Breathing exercises will help to normalize breathing and improve the lungs. Moderate physical activity gradually adapts the body to the daily routine of the day. It will be especially useful if the physical activity takes place in the fresh air. Physiotherapy treatments have a strong healing effect on damaged body tissues, speed up recovery, and relieve symptoms.

Medical rehabilitation after coronavirus 

Here are the most helpful medical rehabilitation treatments:

  • Speleotherapy is a method of healing by staying in a salt cave with a special microclimate and almost sterile air. The microclimate of salt caves is characterised by low humidity and a high concentration of trace elements useful for respiratory organs in the air. Thanks to the healing air of salt caves, the inflammatory process in the respiratory system decreases.
  • The inhalation procedure is the inhalation of warm air enriched with healing substances (medicines, essential oils, herbal infusions). Depending on the purpose of the drugs used, different results are achieved. Improvement with the help of a cedar barrel occurs due to the impact on the human body of essential oils of cedar wood, heated air, and herbal steam.
  • Aerosol therapy is the inhalation of a medicinal substance sprayed in the air. Spraying is carried out using a special aerosol generator. As a medicinal substance, drugs of various groups can be used: vitamins, antibiotics, hormones, painkillers, mucolytic, or bronchodilators. Aerosol therapeutic procedures make it possible to achieve cough relief, facilitate breathing, improve sputum discharge, and transfer dry cough to wet.
  • Laser therapy is a method of treatment, which consists in irradiating venous blood with a laser. The low-intensity laser affects the blood at the molecular level. And drastically changes the quality of the blood. It becomes more fluid, which is useful for increased blood viscosity after covid. Inflammation is removed, blood vessels are cleansed of pathogenic microorganisms. Improves cellular respiration and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues. Laser therapy increases the protective properties of the body and activates immune cells.

Tips for recovering from coronavirus 

After recovery, a person who has had covid spends two weeks at home in isolation. During this and subsequent time, you must adhere to the recommendations of the doctor. They concern primarily tow issues: the restoration of the normal functioning of the immune system and the improvement of the lungs. This will help a balanced diet, consisting of protein foods and foods rich in fiber. It is also necessary to include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and probiotics in the diet.

Rehabilitation after Covid at home should also include breathing exercises. It is more expedient to give breathing exercises every day for 10 minutes. These exercises will strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system, return the lungs to tone. It is very useful to walk in the fresh air for at least 40 minutes.

Doctors recommend avoiding stressful situations during the recovery period. Take plenty of time to sleep. It is also useful to spend more time in the fresh air, but at the same time control physical activity. Take vitamins, eat right, eliminate harmful foods from the diet. 

Coronavirus is a serious illness that can even lead to disability. For this reason, it is necessary to treat with increased responsibility the period of rehabilitation after an illness. If you follow the recommendations of doctors and follow all the established rules, the recovery will be as successful as possible.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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