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How to Easily Recognise When it’s Time to Enter Rehab

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Probably, you have been toying with the idea that it is time to sign up for rehabilitation. Then, sometimes, you feel your addiction is not that bad – that you can stop on your own.

Then, it gets worse, and you keep vowing to yourself that was the last time you indulge in your addiction. Before long, you find yourself in the same loop and it is time to get help. Professional help, which will help you overcome your troubles and you can resume a life of normalcy. Below are the top signs that you should sign up for rehab.

Dependency becomes severe

You find yourself trembling when you miss the drug. Sometimes, you can shake uncontrollably even when immobile. If you find yourself shaking after going for a while without drugs, finding help is ideal.

In other instances, you will find trouble sleeping and develop severe insomnia. Getting to sleep becomes such an uphill task. More often than not, you are unable to function effectively without using the drug. You may also experience frequent bouts of hallucinations. You have delusions over happenings around you, even the slightest scenarios. Plus, you may again start stealing other people’s items and sell them off to get drug money.

Extreme double life

You tend to hide away from your peers, family members, and even friends to use the drug. You are afraid that people close to you will notice the problem and draw attention to yourself. 

You may also find yourself skipping your job, school, or even social gatherings just to use the drug. These are just more signs of addiction. When you notice this tendency, it is a cry for help that rehabilitation should come as soon as possible.

Social interactions dwindle

Social interactions are an embodiment of who we are in our respective communities. The ability to have healthy and functional relationships with our family, friends, colleagues and even schoolmates is essential in our everyday life. The interactions become problematic with everyday drug use, thanks to drug addiction. 

Holding sensible and mature conversations with those around you becomes impossible. Furthermore, you may also cut off communication with your family and choose to stay alone.

Coping mechanism

If you find yourself using drugs on your own, even without a company, it is a sign you need to seek help. It no longer becomes a quick unwinding activity after having a hectic day. You find the need to use them to help you cope with your life struggles. 

Maybe, your boss is giving you an unbearable environment in your workplace. Sometimes, perhaps you are trying to deal with a toxic relationship or a mental condition. When drug use becomes the only viable option for you to deal with your conditions, it is time to seek professional treatment.

When you eventually understand how your body reacts to drug use, it goes a long way in helping you get rid of the addiction. Plus, when you question your dependency on drugs, you are a step towards the right direction in getting the help and treatment you need. Do not shy away from always seeking help as you will get timely assistance in overcoming your battles and leading a normal life.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg. 


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