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Reclaim Your Time Off

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In the current work climate, we work really hard – on average, over 60 hours per week. 

Unfortunately, flexible working rather than eradicating burnout has achieved the opposite – anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion have considerably heightened as remote workers tend to work longer hours, take fewer breaks and sick days.

In 2020, 12 million people in the UK experienced occupational burnout, begging the vital question of how we bring ourselves back from this mental health crisis and reclaim our lives.

Wellness entrepreneur Fab Giovanetti answers all of this and more in this practical toolkit for thriving in the modern workplace. You’ll discover the importance of setting effective boundaries around your work and the fine art of saying no. You’ll also learn how to define success and celebrate your achievements, and why digital detox is essential as too much screen time will be affecting your mental health. A phenomenon, called load rage, is linked to data showing that two-fifths of millennials admit feeling symptoms of burnout because of the digital-heavy nature of their lives. 

The author also looks at the importance of goal setting, and how to get in touch with your ideal life by discovering your top three values and non-negotiables, as well as balancing your masculine and feminine energies since if one predominates, you will feel imbalanced. 

Fab is a case in point. A recovered workaholic, she suffered poor mental health whilst she was creating, managing and growing three businesses, leading to burnout. The author healed herself by turning away from her pain towards prioritising her happiness zone: writing. In the process, she learnt how to delegate, prioritise and let go. After all, more hours spent working do not correlate with increased productivity – just look at Luxembourg who work a 30-hour week yet earn more money. 

Filled with exercises and coaching activities, as well as case studies and interviews with wellness experts, you’ll learn how to optimise your working hours, as well as your downtime until you realise that time off is an essential part of productivity and a vital component in good mental health and well-being

Create a life driven by your dreams, not your fears. Reclaim Your Time Off demonstrates that this is possible.

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