Rebecca Denniss

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Rebecca Denniss is a doctoral researcher at Sheffield Hallam University investigating the potential for micronutrient interventions to improve the cognitive rehabilitation outcomes of individuals in the post-acute period following traumatic brain injury having graduated with a distinction in MSc Cognitive Neuroscience in 2012. Rebecca is also an associate lecturer teaching neuropathology, cognitive neuroscience and research methods. Previously Rebecca worked as an assistant psychologist in a neuro-rehabilitation unit developing cognitive rehabilitation strategies for individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injuries.

Rebecca’s main research focus is to improve the long-term outcomes for those with traumatic brain injuries through better understanding of brain changes following injury, the role of diet and supplementation to ameliorate the deleterious effects of the secondary biochemical cascade, and improving rehabilitation strategies.

Rebecca was also part of the team winning the Medipex NHS Innovation Award in 2015 for a novel tablet-based cooking task currently in further development.

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