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5 Reasons Why We Feel Lost and Unmotivated in Life

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Admit it or not, there will come a time in your life when you will start to question where are you headed, and whether is it a life worth going to get through all of these hardships, there is really a future that awaits you, what’s ahead of you in this journey called life, and many more questions that even yourself cannot answer at the moment.

Everyone does not even know how to answer it, all we have is questions that are keeps on hunting us every now and then.

We lost our motivation, we feel empty and tired all at once, we became procrastinators of things we used to love, we are always in our bed and struggle to get out of there, we lost the excitement of things, we can’t get things done like we used to – this feeling hits to everyone and we all know that it is not an easy phase but we must know what are reasons of being unmotivated in life.

Common reasons why we feel lost and unmotivated in life

Being impatient

We all have goals that are for sure but we are all wondering if our goals are meant for us or not. We may face tons of struggles and continuous failures and we end up not achieving our goals. We want to achieve things in the time that we want and not having to reach them when we most want it is tiring.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle

Smoke, vices, poor diet, lack of sleep, and not having enough exercise is a type of lifestyle that will lead to so many problems in life that will trigger us to be unmotivated in life. As we learn from all our experiences during the pandemic, health is wealth indeed.

Not having a supportive environment

What type of people you surround yourself with is a standard to have a motivated life. It is a big indicator of success. As cliché as it may sound, it is therefore true that your friends are a reflection of who you are. Surround yourself with positive people, encouragers, and people who do not easily give up and sooner you will adopt their mindset.

You have an overwhelming goal

Setting realistic and achievable goals will push us to continue on achieving them. Having goals one at a time will make us less pressure on our life and continue being motivated.

Your reason is not that strong

Your reason for doing and keep on pushing in life is the main source of motivation. When you feel lost or unmotivated, start asking yourself why did you start it in the very first place.

Feeling lost and unmotivated is normal, it is valid to feel it. But what matters is to pause, take a deep breath, look at the bigger picture, and reflect on your life.

Take a moment that you needed. When you garner all the whys in your life, start to back up again. Life is a continuous cycle of trying and failing and trying and failing what matters most is you keep on going and choose on doing what makes you feel happy and at peace at the same time.

You only live once, live your life as much as possible as you wanted to.

Dina Relojo is the social media manager of Psychreg. She is a high school teacher from the Philippines.


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