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Are You Re-Evaluating Life After Lockdown?

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If you are reevaluating your life now after lockdown, be it business or personal life, there are experts who can help you guide yourself in the right direction and spiritually help you understand life priorities and find your deeper sense of mission. 

With the lockdowns and lack of human connection, there is a huge rise of people needing help guiding their personal life or business in a better way. A UK government website states that the: ‘Levels of optimism about the future have varied greatly across the course of the pandemic. The proportion of adults in Great Britain that felt that life will return to normal in six months or less continued to gradually fall to 17% in the week ending 31st January 2021; the lowest figure since the end of October 2020. A similar proportion of adults reported that they were not sure when life will return to normal.’ With these statistics, it’s clear that the public and industry professionals are in need of guidance and reassurance that life will get back on track.

If you are one of these people who are in need of some guidance, then there are people out there trained to help develop your future plan. Daniel Browne is one – he’s an author, consultant, healer, and intuitive – he provides intuitive advice and spiritual knowledge to determine correct approaches to different aspects of life. 

On the business side of his profession, Daniel offers business solutions, brand strategies as well as helping your business take off as the economy eases. Daniel will come into the workplace and conduct consultations, which include understanding how to create an authentic brand with true values and missions, how your business adds value, the culture of the business (employees and working together), the best path for growth and outline the growth warnings. Through his website, a business can book a retreat with him that includes all the above in a deep focus and a specific approach to developing the business as a whole. 

‘I have worked alongside businesses from single entrepreneurs and startups to multi-million businesses. Understanding your uniqueness and your own intuition is the key to mental health and success in life and business. I’ve seen companies really grow once the owners discover their unique archetypes. My last client grew from five figures to seven figures in 18 months in the travel industry during the Covid pandemic. This is what will also take us beyond the Covid pandemic.’ Daniel Browne, author of The 8 Paths Of Manifestation.

On the personal side of Daniel’s profession, he can mentor people to help them find their life purpose, goals and priorities through more personal level readings, healing and beliefs clearings, and 121 coaching sessions, Theta healing, Ancestral clearing, the Body Mirror System of healing, and courses on archetypes and manifestation. Daniel’s consultations work by finding the underlying root causes, limiting beliefs and perspectives, trapped emotions and energies. He works with the beliefs and energies to aid healing in the body, mind and emotions.

Daniel Browne offers so many other insights into his journey, he is just about to release a new book called The 8 Paths Of Manifestation which underlines all of Daniel’s knowledge and experience in spirituality and opens a door into bettering yourself and building your life. The book is planned to launch this upcoming summer. 

Daniel’s previous book called The Energy Equation, which was stocked in Waterstones, WHSmith’s and made it to no. 5 in the Business Book Chart, is also available from Amazon. It explains how we all have the potential to get 15-19 hours of fully-energised waking hours from our day and shows us just how to achieve it. And determines the speed at which you get things done, the results you achieve, your ability to maintain peak performance, and how successful you are.

The Energy Equation holds the key to greater vitality, heightened performance, and powerful achievement. It shows you how to achieve a life with more energy, less stress, massively improved productivity and lots more time for you.

If you are looking to improve your personal or professional life and open yourself up to spiritualism, professionals such as Daniel are the people you need to be networking with. For more information about Daniel and the courses he offers, go to his website.

About Daniel Browne and ‘The 8 Paths of Manifestation’

Daniel Browne is a speaker and author on healing, manifestation, and the evolution of human consciousness. He works with CEOs, founders, and celebrities who want to use their intuition to make important strategic business and life decisions.  

Although he worked in finance and with good success, Daniel, for around 15 years, struggled with the question: what is his life purpose? He had always been into spirituality ever since he can remember, but after he read Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, a light sparked inside him, and he suddenly felt connected to everything. When he realised and understood archetypes, everything made sense. 

He then decided what route he needed to take and was always reading up on spirituality and doing personal development courses and training in the evenings, on top of his day job. He was working around 100 hours a week and his persistence and motivation to help others and build his career taught him that he had amazing abilities in channelling archetypes.

He overcame habits of self-sabotage and procrastination, his intuitive abilities opened up and Daniel was able to step into his true strengths.

Since then, he has helped many others discover who they are and their untapped power.

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