Raphael Bene

Raphael Bene is a neuroscientist based at University of Zagreb Medical School. Bene was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He finished his school education and bachelor’s degree in Lyon, France. Bene finished his medical degree at University of Zagreb Medical school. He then Worked for six years at Department of Neurology, University Hospital Centar Sestre Milosrdnice. During his medical studies, Bene served as a student assistant for four years in Neuroscience’s programme (neuroanatomy) at Croatian Institute for Brain Research.

He is the co-founder of Vires Refotae, Sinappsa and Core Interface. He collaborates with Zagreb’s Medical school of Medecine (CEPAMET and Croatian Institute for Brain Research) Faculty of Electro-engineering and Computing, Institute of Philosophy. Bene is also the co-founder of Symposium on Interface providers in neurorehabilitation, part of International Neuro-Psychiatric Congress. You can follow him on Twitter .

Published: 07 October 2015

Last update: 27 August 2016

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