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Rachel Falmagne is a professor of psychology at Clark University. She received her PhD in Psychological Sciences from the University of Brussels, Belgium. She is the president of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology. She is also affiliated with Clark University’s programme in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Falmagne’s scholarship and teaching take a transdisciplinary approach to psychological questions and focus on people as social agents in a complex social world structured at all levels of organisation by gender, race, class and the internal politics of culture. Her writings and research are guided by feminist social theory, critical race theory, and a critical approach to psychology, and investigate how people’s sense of self and their modes of thinking are inflected by the social discourses, social practices and power relations that configure the context in which they develop. One line of research uses qualitative interview methods to study the manner in which people appropriate, resist or transform various formative cultural discourses of knowledge and how people’s modes of thinking about everyday situations and their personal epistemologies, or personal conceptions of knowledge, can be understood in the context of their social location and cultural history, with particular attention to gender, social class and race/ethnicity. Her writings also put forward a critical perspective on methodology that is guided by that systemic frame of reference and an approach to qualitative research that attends to the biographical particularity of individual persons as active agents while also inseparably attending to the complex societal context in which they function.

Her recent publications include:

  • Falmagne, R. Joffe (2013). Epistemology. In T. Teo (Ed), International Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. Springer.
  • Falmagne, R. Joffe, M-G Iselin, I. L. G. Todorova, and Arner, J.  (2013). Reasoning and personal epistemology: A critical reconstruction. Theory and Psychology, 23(5), 616-638.
  • Jackson, T., & Falmagne, R. Joffe (2013). Women wearing white: Discourses of menstruation and the menarche experience. Feminism and Psychology, 23(3), 379-398.

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Published: 01 August 2014

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