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Quitting Smoking? The Safest E-Liquid Alternatives to Curb Risks

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Leaving tobacco cigarettes behind is one of the best choices that you can opt for. If you have already switched or are planning to make the switch, you should know you are making the right decision.

According to the UK Department of health’s report, you can reduce the risks associated with tobacco by 95% when you quit.

To broaden the impact of the benefits to your health due to the withdrawal of tobacco and the introduction of e-cigarette, seeking professional advice is very important. You should choose the e-liquids manufactured adhering to the accepted standards. You can click here to delve deeper into the subject and make the right choice.

Does the risk decrease with lower flavour content?

Although the composition of the E liquids is under the manufacturers’ control, certain uncertainties in the formulation remain. The use of food-grade flavours in manufactured foods is high. However, the same flavours may not be suitable for vaping. The reason for this is our airways do not have the same barrier system as the digestive tract.

The flavours produce a volatile organic compound in the form of aldehyde as a result of thermal degradation. The presence of aldehydes in an e-cigarette is quite common, and manufacturers make sure that the levels are below the exposure standards. You will find the presence of these trace compounds to be negligible compared to the hazardous composition of tobacco.

Another crucial aspect to note is that recent studies on e-cigarettes identify factors that can help to control the e-liquid compositions. A key outcome is the selective choice of flavours to minimise the risk posed by vaping vis-à-vis tobacco.

Few studies conducted by reputed organizations highlight a few specific flavours that contribute to higher aldehyde production. Strawberry is one such flavour that can be a potential benzaldehyde source in vapour and e-liquids. 

Similarly, studies identify a few gourmet liquids that frequently use diacetyl to ensure a buttery taste. Such an ingredient can be potentially harmful to the body if the duration and exposure exceed specific levels. However, you can be worry-free knowing there is no immediate risk to your health, but there is no harm in being careful.

Precautionary measures

General guidelines

  • In case of a defective e-liquid supply of your e-cigarette, you should not vape. It will help you to prevent a ‘dry hit’
  • You should maintain the specified settings for your device as stated by the manufacturer. Accordingly, you can adapt your resistance.
  • Increasing your nicotine content to vape less is better than increasing e-liquid consumption to make up for the reduced nicotine levels.
  • Choosing to alternate between traditional tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes will make a minuscule difference to your health. Although, you can either stick to vaping or not do either of the two to enjoy better health conditions.
  • At times it happens that enthusiasts who are fond of power vaping undertake cloud-chasing or direct-to-lung inhalation. It is always advisable to exert caution in such cases and be careful of the heavy e-liquid consumption that the activity entails.  

Specific e-liquid guidelines

  • It is crucial to opt for the e-liquids manufactured in facilities run by companies with a qualified workforce. The presence of skilled in-house staff, including engineers, flavour specialists, chemists, etc., can bolster the confidence in the product.
  • Another aspect vital for you to check is the maintenance of some of the manufacturing standards that have worldwide acceptance. French Afnor standard is one such renowned standard set in the manufacturing process that helps to impart a non-compromised guarantee of safety for the users.
  • The chances of the multiplicity of chemical reactions at higher temperatures are more for the e-liquids with a higher flavour content. Therefore, it is crucial to ascertain the appropriate quantity of flavours in the e-liquid.
  • There is a higher chance of potential production of a volatile organic compound due to the caramelization of the resistance coil led by a sweet e-liquid. So, being cautious in such cases is vital.
  • If you vape daily, it is essential to change the resistance coil at regular intervals, especially when you change the flavour of your e-liquid.
  • Choosing a single flavour e-liquid is better than complex flavours.
  • You should make sure to reduce the additive and flavour concentration in your DIY e-liquid making.

Therefore, while choosing to quit smoking is a great decision, it is also crucial to have proper e-liquids in place as a replacement. Although this article does not list out all the pointers, it can be beneficial to shortlist the apt one for you.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being. 

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