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A Quarter of Brits Admit to Cyberstalking Their Ex – Here’s How to Quit

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It’s estimated that around 24% of people check their ex-partner’s social media channels weekly, while 13% admit to doing it daily. That’s according to the Digital PR Agency Reboot Online.

To help singles have a fresh start this Valentine’s Day, Reboot Online also offers an innovative solution: the ex-IT service, which erases all digital traces of your ex from browsers, social media, and even camera rolls.

The ex-IT service

Naomi Aharony, managing director at Reboot, explained: “Breaking up is tough, but letting go of digital ties should be straightforward. Reboot’s Ex-IT service isn’t just SEO expertise; it’s data-driven liberation. 

“We’re erasing the traces of past relationships from your digital footprint, giving you a clean slate online. No more unintentional encounters or awkward reminders –just a precise, data-focused breakup.”

How often people “check in” on their ex’s social media profiles?

On average, people are most likely to stalk their ex weekly, as 24% of participants surveyed revealed this is their most common ‘checking in’ habit to take a peek at their ex’s new life.

Surprisingly, men are the most regular visitors, with 26% admitting to doing it every week, compared to 23% of women.

Main reasons for keeping memorabilia of your past relationship on social media

When asked about the main reasons for keeping memorabilia of past relationships on social media, 26% of respondents confessed that it’s due to still having feelings for their ex-lover, with 27% of them being men and 25% women.

But women tend to want to remember the past more than men and have keepsakes of events, which may explain why 25% of females admitted to keeping memorabilia on social media as they see it as a memory.

Callisto Adams, a certified dating and relationships expert, commented on the importance of removing all ties with an ex-partner: “When you keep your ex on your social media, you’re only hurting yourself; you’re making forgetting them harder, if not impossible, because you’ve created an illusion that needs breaking. You’re stuck reliving the same memories over and over again while your ex is out there living their best life.

“To grow, we need to create the optimal environment. When we continuously seek comfort in places that no longer exist, we get lost, or worse, we get used to the pain because it once made us happy, and social media is huge in helping to worsen this pain.

“Things won’t change even if you continue to follow your ex on social media. People spend years cultivating a loving relationship, and you’re absolutely allowed to grieve its loss. But surrounding yourself with things that remind you of your ex-partner is only hurting you and constantly causing you to take a step back.”​

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