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7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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Whether you’ve never heard of it or if you yourself are a practitioner, quantum healing hypnosis is becoming a popular therapy method among the lifestyle community. Quantum healing hypnosis therapy, or QHHT for short, is a state of consciousness called the ‘somnambulistic state of trance‘ discovered by Dolores Cannon.

Using this form of therapy claims to help balance one’s life, aids in physical ailments, helps discover someone’s life purpose and more.

Here are seven things you may not have known about quantum healing hypnosis.

How a session works

When you go to a QHHT session, you may not know how it works. It’s common for the first hour of the session is time allotted to interview you and have a conversation where the practitioner gets to know you, answer any questions you may have and find out why you’re wanting to try out QHHT.

Once that is conducted, the second part of the session is around two-hours long that involves the actual hypnotising.

During this, you will dive into the subconscious and visit your past, future, ancestral or parallel lives. You can even visit different dimensions during this part of QHHT.

Once your higher self chooses which lives to bring up or what messages you need to hear, this is where the native Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono comes in to help you work through any burdens, toxic thought patterns. This is where important spontaneous healing happens.

During the hypnosis, you will most likely be aware of what’s going on around you, it may feel like a dream or that it was all in your head after you’ve completed the session. Trust yourself in knowing that it was real and that you are healed.

Physical healing

A lot of people when they hear of something that can help them with physical ailments are a little sceptical, which is understandable. Being sceptical can mean that you truly care about getting healed and don’t want to waste your time on methods that don’t work. The following physical hurdles have been experienced by clients using Dolores’ QHHT paradigm:

  • Wounds have been healed without scarring
  • HIV has been cleared and eliminated
  • Heart issues healed without getting surgery
  • Migraines have been healed with their initial cause explained
  • Skin issues have been identified and healed through QHHT
  • Middle and lower back pain healed
  • Intestinal state improved from hypnosis
  • Perfect eyesight returned, clients, not needing glasses anymore
  • Neck and shoulder issues found and healed
  • Lung issues identified and diminished
  • Diabetes cause being explained and healed for clients
  • Cartilage rebuilt between joints
  • Cancer of several kinds and different stages cleared
  • Liver and kidney fully restored function and regenerated

According to Consumer Epic, there is no guarantee for physical healing during a QHHT session. These are incredible results that Dolores and her practitioners have seen their clients have. Healing is possible, not promised so please keep an open mind when going into a session.

It’s safe

Before your session begins, all the necessary precautions are taken so that you are safe during this deep form of therapy. You could compare QHHT to something similar to a guided meditation. You should feel quite relaxed during the hypnosis and aware of what is happening.

During the therapy, you’re in control and aware so that if something were to come up that you’re not comfortable with, you can react to how you desire. If you do get scared during the hypnosis, it is very easy to get out of if needed. If having an in-person session seems intimidating, there are some available online that are equally as safe.

Online sessions

Another thing you may not know about QHHT is that you can actually get hypnotised online. Some of the most powerful sessions have actually happened online, seeing as how QHHT takes place in the quantum field.

If you’re interested in doing an online session, make sure you have a great internet connection. You and your practitioner will likely establish a plan on what to do if the internet connection is lost during a session. You will also need a quiet place, free of interruptions and a pair of headphones. Sessions take on average about three hours to complete.

Spontaneous healing

Spontaneous healing is exactly what it sounds like. Most people know someone who’s gone into what’s called ‘spontaneous remission’. What that basically means is that we realise that the chronic condition whether physical or mental is due to behaviour or belief we have.

For example, if you’ve been feeling negative about your body and you talk and think negatively about your body, do you think you’ll look at yourself in a mirror with confidence? Probably not.

This is because you have a negative belief about your looks, so if you go into spontaneous remission and realise you need to start thinking more positive thoughts, you’ll start to gain confidence.

Once you experience that spontaneous remission and see why the chronic issue is happening, you’re then able to experience the spontaneous healing that comes along with QHHT.

Becoming a practitioner

Did you know that you’re able to take courses online if you’re interested in becoming a practitioner yourself? The QHHT has accredited courses for QHHT available. Dolores actually taught her technique to tons of pupils all over the globe.

The classes are very intense and will fully equip you with everything needed to be a successful practitioner. You will receive education, knowledge, learn skills and learn the technical hypnosis approach that allows you to help with whatever a client might be looking for on their journey.

There are three courses available online if you’re interested. Let’s talk about those a little deeper. 

Levels 1–3

Courses are available online and live stream formats. Just like any other class, you will first learn the basic skills you’ll need for the rest of your journey. There is also a first level companion course available after you complete the online portion. During this, you will get any questions you’ve had answered so you feel more prepared for sessions. If you’ve completed all the necessary requirements, and have done 10 practice sessions, you can be an intern if you’d like.

Level 2 requires completing level one and having 25 practice sessions under your belt. This level, only available via ‘live sessions’, will focus on strengthening the skills you’ve learned, including the interview and questioning part of a session. You will have one-on-one time to work on your tone of voice to create a relaxing environment for clients.

Lastly, Level 3 is for students who have been in practice for a year with at least 125 sessions completed using the technique Dolores taught and used. Level 3 is a three-day course offering professional feedback on how you complete a session via a video recording of one of your sessions.

They will look at everything from start to finish, including your questioning and interview section, the location where the session is held and more. These are done in a group setting so you’ll be able to watch other students’ sessions and learn from them as well. Available via live only.

Dolores Cannon

You may not know a whole lot about the founder of QHHT, Dolores Cannon. She and her husband, Johnny discovered in 1968 that by using this form of therapy that is similar to the point where you’re nearly asleep but still awake, you can reach your subconscious and do tremendous healing.

Dolores says that past life regression is the cornerstone to her method of hypnosis. She’s successfully used QHHT on thousands of clients over several decades. She is the one who developed the formula that practitioners use today, bringing people to the Somnambulistic level.

She has courses online if you’re interested in becoming a practitioner yourself, which will allow you to receive teachings that lead to a certification. Different therapy and meditation centres around the world use her QHHT to help heal clients.

Final words

Whether you are looking to heal a physical or mental pain that’s been holding you back or you’re interested in learning all about your past lives, QHHT could help you get to where you’d like to go.

You are able to have a session online if you’re a little nervous or in person if you’re ready. A practitioner will get to know you and your desires for healing and guide you through a three-hour session of subconscious healing and getting to know your past, future or even ancestral lives.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve learned some facts about QHHT that you didn’t know about before. It is a safe form of meditation meeting a deep mindful therapy session that has healed past clients from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pains.

James Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh. 

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