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Qualitative Health Research Network Seminar Series


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We would like to invite you to the next seminar in the Qualitative Health Research Network (QHRN) Seminar Series: Using ‘photo-phenomenology’ in critical health psychology research within communities experiencing health inequalities: Theory and practice by Dr Iain Williamson from De Montfort University

When: Wednesday, 21 February 14:20–15:30. The seminar starts at 14:20, but coffee is available from 14:00. Come and meet other network members. 

Where: Main Quad Pop Up 101, University College London, WC1E 6BT

Registration: The seminar is free, but you need to register to attend.


Seminar details

Using ‘photo-phenomenology’ in critical health psychology research within communities experiencing health inequalities: Theory and Practice

As health psychology researchers are increasingly recognising the limitations of one-off interviews, and the taking of photographs to document aspects of day-to-day life has become a quotidian habit, so critical psychology research integrating a photographic component is flourishing. In this lecture I will be reflecting on recent experiences of integrating participant-authored photographs alongside phenomenologically-framed interviews in critically-oriented research. As a critical health psychologist my focus has been on aiming to develop genuinely collaborative and inclusive research partnerships with communities who might be considered marginalised or hard-to-reach.

Illustrating arguments with findings from recent and ongoing research on gay and bisexual men’s experiences of multiple sclerosis, men’s accounts of living with breast cancer and single mothers caring for a daughter with Rett Syndrome, I propose the benefits of expanding conceptual and methodological approaches in qualitative health psychology research while discussing methodological, ethical, and epistemological challenges, and cautioning against ‘methodolatry’. I will consider some of the practical issues with regard to designing, applying, and delivering this visually informed strand of critical research, and discuss the potential for enhancing opportunities around participant engagement and dissemination.

About the speaker

Dr Iain Williamson is Associate Professor of Applied Psychology at De Montfort University. He has many years of experience in undertaking qualitative research and in teaching critical health psychology and supervising and assessing postgraduate students. He has carried out research in partnership with members of a number of communities experiencing social injustice and stigma including young offenders, LGBT communities and members of minority faith and ethnic communities, and much of his recent work has focused on the intersection of inequalities incorporating theories around syndemics and compound discrimination. He has advocated the utilisation of a varied palette of multiple qualitative methods in various fora and has particular interest in audio-diaries and visual methods. He has published in a variety of journals including Journal of Health Psychology, Qualitative Research in Psychology, Social Science & Medicine, and Psychology & Health.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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