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PUP Graduate School – Research Seminar 1 (Semester 1, 2022)

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01 April 2022

Hello future psychologists and researchers! Welcome to Research Seminar 1!

10 April 2022

No meeting. We have a death in the family. Thanks for your understanding. 

13 April 2022

Hello everyone!

I look forward to our first meeting on Sunday 8th May at 8am (Philippine time). You can join the Zoom meeting by clicking here. That will be a recurring link for the rest of the term. 

As you can expect, we’ll spend our first meeting introducing ourselves. And to save me from doing this – because I’m not very good at it – I invite you to visit my personal website and my university page. If you’re more visual, you can check out my YouTube channel instead. 

Sadly, I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. So I apologise in advance if I miss any of your messages; I’m more responsive through email: dennis@psychreg.org

This page will be updated with any future announcements relating to Research Seminar 1. Please bookmark this page, and please read this first before sending me any emails.

Many thanks!

05 May 2022

I just learned about the PUP announcement that classes are suspended due to the election. But since we haven’t had any meeting yet  – let alone an orientation – I’d rather meet you for around two hours. Hopefully, that won’t get in the way of your plans during the election. You are not required to attend the orientation. It’s just an orientation. But if you can spare a chunk of your time, that’d be fantastic.

29 May 2022

There will be reporting next meeting (26 June 2022).

Patrick Publico prepared the minutes of the meeting.

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26 June 2022

Micaella Javier prepared the minutes of the meeting.

17 July 2022

This is our last meeting. Please use your time to submit your requirements.

Coleen Torres prepared the minutes of the meeting

07 August 2022

Good luck future psychologists!


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