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Psychreg Shortlisted for Blogger and Vlogger of the Year at MHBA 2023

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In an exciting development for the digital mental health community, Psychreg has been shortlisted in two prominent categories for the Mental Health Blog Awards (MHBA) 2023: Blogger of the Year and Vlogger of the Year. This recognition underscores the platform’s commitment to fostering mental health and wellness, while also highlighting its growing influence in the digital mental health landscape.

The MHBA, an annual event that honours the most impactful voices in the mental health blogging and vlogging community, announced its shortlists today. The categories are highly competitive, featuring a range of content creators who share their lived experiences, insights, and knowledge about mental health. This year, the MHBA received 2,702 unique votes, continuing its trend of garnering between 2,000 and 4,000 votes each year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted in not just one, but two categories. It’s a validation of the hard work the entire Psychreg team has put in, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see that our efforts are resonating with the community.”

Psychreg, founded by Dennis Relojo-Howell, has been a trailblazer in the digital mental health arena. The platform is not just a blog or a vlog; it’s a comprehensive resource that aims to educate, inform, and inspire its audience. From articles on psychological resilience to interviews with experts in the field, Psychreg offers a multifaceted approach to mental health education.

“Our aim has always been to offer a holistic approach to mental health. Being recognised in both blogging and vlogging categories shows that we’re succeeding in delivering diverse and impactful content.”

Public voting for the MHBA closed at the start of September, but the final round will take place on the day of the awards ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, 21st October. Attendees will receive an email via Eventbrite with a voting link, allowing for real-time engagement and excitement.

“The final round of voting is always exhilarating. We’re looking forward to engaging with the community on the day of the awards and are hopeful for a positive outcome.”

Being shortlisted in two categories is a significant milestone for Psychreg, especially given the platform’s ambitious goals. It not only validates the hard work put into creating high-quality, impactful content but also positions Psychreg as a thought leader in the digital mental health space.

“This shortlisting is more than just an honour; it’s a stepping stone towards achieving our larger goals, including reaching a wider audience and competing with established platforms.”

As the MHBA ceremony approaches, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards the nominees. For Psychreg, this is an opportunity to further its mission and reach a broader audience. Whether or not it takes home the awards, being shortlisted is already a win, serving as an affirmation of the platform’s quality and influence.

Dennis added: “Win or lose, being shortlisted is a victory in itself. It gives us the momentum to continue our work and strive for even greater impact in the mental health community.”

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