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Psychology, being such a huge discipline, makes the task of conveying its breadth and depth challenging. Consequently, there are many of different people who specialise in specific subtopics that have emerged within the study of behaviour, the brain and the mind. The people who enrich our understanding of human behaviour are a vast pool: there are so many psychologists, therapists, counsellors, researchers, etc. They all deserve a space.

I have always felt that the need for a specialist website which offers information on the backgrounds, research interests and works of people who contribute toward the advancement of psychology; even those who have not yet published their works to high impact factor journals, those who have chosen to be practitioners, those who are volunteers and trainees, those who have decided to explore less popular subfields in psychology. Since I was not successful in finding a website to fulfil this need, I decided to launch Psychreg on March 2014.

Most people who use Psychreg are already involved in psychology and its allied fields. But Psychreg does not only cater to those who are already exploring the intricacies of human behaviour. It is a valuable careers resource, and aims to provide young students a glimpse of what their careers might look like, through the biographies of these people (I’m pretty sure you could still remember your childhood days when you were wondering what would become of you if you chose a certain career).

On June 2016, Psychreg started to feature articles, aside from profiles.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg.


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