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Psychreg Joins the Declaration for Biological Reality, Endorsing Child Protection and Women’s Rights

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Psychreg has recently become a signatory to the Declaration for Biological Reality. This move signifies Psychreg’s commitment to advocating for issues related to child protection, women’s rights, and freedom of speech in the context of the ongoing debates surrounding gender identity ideology.

The Declaration for Biological Reality comprises different organisations united by their apprehension about the impact of gender identity ideology on society, particularly in the UK. This group highlights issues like the undermining of biological reality, risks to child safety, erosion of women’s rights, and the implications for freedom of speech.

A core concern of the Declaration is the protection of children facing gender dysphoria. The signatories argue against the prescription of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children, pointing out the potential irreversible harm. The declaration emphasises the need for exploratory therapy, rather than immediate medical intervention, for children with gender dysphoria.

The Declaration also raises alarms about the erosion of women’s rights due to gender identity ideology. It critiques the reduction of womanhood to stereotypes and the intrusion of men identifying as women into women-exclusive spaces. The signatories call for the protection of single-sex services and provisions and the preservation of the definition of sex in legal contexts as biological sex.

The signatories stress the importance of maintaining freedom of speech and public sector neutrality in matters of gender identity. They also advocate for the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity, emphasising the need to respect and understand LGB rights separately from transgender issues.

Dennis Relojo-Howell, the managing director of Psychreg, expressed his support for the Declaration: “As an advocate for mental health and well-being, I believe it’s crucial to address these issues with a balanced and scientifically informed perspective. Psychreg’s support for the Declaration aligns with our commitment to fostering open, informed discussions on topics that impact society’s mental health and well-being.”

Psychreg’s endorsement of the Declaration for Biological Reality marks a significant step in the broader debate on gender identity ideology in the UK. By joining other notable signatories, Psychreg contributes its voice to a growing chorus of organisations and individuals calling for a reconsideration of policies and practices related to gender identity, with an emphasis on scientific rigour, child safety, and the protection of women’s rights.

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