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Promoting Psychology Students’ Critical Thinking Skills: Challenges and Opportunities


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Richmond, The American International University in London is pleased to announce a one-day conference to be held at its Kensington Campus on 10th November 2017
(Lecture Theatre, 17 Young Street, London, UK, W8 5EH).

Despite the confusion and misconceptions about the term ‘critical thinking’, it is always listed as one of the main objectives psychology graduates should meet upon completion of their degree. Its association with academic achievement and employability highlight the need for psychology lecturers to embed it within the curricula they are responsible for; this is in line with the latest developments in the higher education landscape which put teaching and employability at the fore.

This conference brings together psychologists and higher education practitioners, all united by a mutual concern for the development of strategies that can improve shared understandings of critical thinking in the teaching of psychology. The conference will focus on current debates in the field and will explore whether critical thinking can be incorporated in a more explicit way in the curriculum; the role of technology and innovative teaching methods in promoting such skills in psychology students will also be discussed.

To register, go to Eventbrite. The link includes detailed information on the event.

Delegate registration fee: £4.77

The delegate registration fee includes access to conference sessions, lunch, all-day refreshments and afternoon wine reception.


09:45–10:15: Registration

10:15–10:30: Introduction

10:30–11:15: Session 1 – Dr Julie Hulme, Reader in Psychology, Keele University
Psychological Literacy: Moving Critical Thinking from Classroom to Everyday Life

11:15–12:00: Session 2 – Dr Victoria Bourne, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Royal Holloway University
Creating Independent Researchers by Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

12:00–13:00: Lunch

13:00–13:45: Session 3 – Dr Lucy Irving, Lecturer in Psychology, Middlesex University
Enhancing Critical Thinking in Psychology Students: The Dancing Statistics Project

13:45–14:30: Session 4 – Jonathan Tulloch, ‎Learning Technology Advisor, University of East London
Educational Technology and Critical Thinking

14:30–15:00: Conclusions/Reflections on the day

15:00 onwards: Wine reception

Supported by the Mind in Society Research Centre at Richmond University and the Richmond Psychology Association.

For more information, please contact Dr Annita Ventouris: annita.ventouris@richmond.ac.uk

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