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The Psychology of Makeup

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A number of research has revealed that we are programmed with beauty detectors, hence we are naturally more drawn to appealing faces – no matter the culture in which we live. Undeniably, makeup play a huge role in making us look beautiful. And this is where makeup artist can help us.  

The budding makeup artists, however, must know that practice is very important when it comes to having a successful career in the field of makeup. Knowledge is another factor that is important in the career of a makeup artist. With the development in every field, there is also constant development in the makeup techniques. New and improved makeup techniques are coming into the picture that needs to be learned.

The best place to learn new tricks and techniques to give a boost to your career as a makeup artist is going to a makeup school.

What is a makeup school?

Makeup school is a school where the students who want to make a career in the field of makeup go and learn about different techniques. A makeup school is a great option for the people who want to learn makeup from professional makeup artists and who want to have hands-on experience of doing makeup. There are different kinds of makeup schools but the motive of all of them is same and it is to educate the students in the field of makeup.

Types of makeup schools

  • Cinema makeup school – Most of the people who want to learn makeup want a career in the film industry. These cinema makeup schools are the best option for such people. In these schools, the students are taught all about the basics of makeup that is used in cinemas. The camera techniques and special effects makeup are also taught in these schools. If you are aspiring to learn special effects makeup, these are the schools you should opt for.
  • Beginners makeup school – The beginner’s makeup schools are for the people who are very new to makeup and want to learn from the basics. The beginner makeup schools have courses that are specially designed for the beginners and give them all the knowledge about makeup and its application. People usually go and intern under some of the best makeup artists after passing out from the beginner makeup school.
  • Professional makeup school –The professional makeup schools are for those who are already past the beginner stage and want to learn the new makeup techniques. Some of the new makeup techniques include airbrushing and artistic makeup for the photo shoots. Each department has different requirements of makeup and with the professional specialisations, these requirements can be met.
  • Online makeup school – The online makeup schools are specially designed for the people who cannot go to a brick and mortar makeup school. For these people, online makeup schools provide a plethora of courses that can range from beginner courses to specialisation courses. The student has to give an exam at the end of the course and they can even take virtual video classes to learn the makeup techniques. These courses are much cheaper than the one on one course. However, you will need to put in the extra effort of practising all the techniques before you give the exam. You can also find free online makeup schools like Fabulive that provide free courses for you to learn the basics of makeup.

What can you learn from a makeup school?

At the makeup school, the students are taught about the basics of makeup and the different techniques that are used to apply it on a person. The students are given one-on-one training on different kinds of makeup techniques.

The teachers are usually professional makeup artists who do makeup on some volunteers to show the students how things are done.

A makeup school is a practical approach to teaching makeup. Most makeup schools have different kinds of programme offerings for the students. The programme offerings include basic makeup techniques, bridal makeup, media makeup, artistic makeup, special effects makeup and much more. You can pick one depending on your level and enrol yourself for the classes.

Jobs for you

There are a lot of job opportunities that you can have after passing out from a makeup artist school. You will come out with a lot of skills and techniques that you can use in your career. After this course, you can become a professional makeup artist, a makeup expert, makeup developer or you can even open your permanent makeup school. There are a lot of career opportunities for the people who want to make it big in the field of makeup and work hard for it.

If you are among those people then you can surely get a good job as a makeup artist to a celebrity or work for a big company and even open your own studio.

Is it necessary to go to a makeup school near me?

Applying for a school makeup programme is not necessary to learn about the different techniques of makeup. As we said, it all comes from a lot of practice and hard work. If you still want to know the answer to the question whether or not you need to enrol in a makeup school near you, then we would say that you can enrol in a makeup school if you have the budget to pay for the classes. It is always better to get professional guidance from the established makeup artists. However, if there is no makeup school near you, you do not have to go and you can opt for the online courses.

The makeup schools are only a way for you to gain more knowledge about makeup so that you can have a successful career in it. Attending a makeup school can be really beneficial for some people and for some it can just be a way to polish their skills. Just remember that a career in the field of makeup is only possible if you practice and take experience.

Agatha Carlson worked as a teaching assistant at two special needs schools in London before embarking on a different career as a marketing consultant. 

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