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What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

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Unsurprisingly, many study psychology with the goal of becoming a psychologist, although this is by no means the best job you can have. In the long run, around 20% of psychology graduates cross directly to turn out to be chartered psychologists.

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As a psychologist, you can concentrate on a specific area such as:

  • Clinical psychologist – helping human beings with mental health problems like melancholy, tension, and anorexia.
  • Educational psychologist – supporting young people to conquer problems that affect their gaining knowledge of and school life.
  • Sports psychologist – giving athletes the mental power and talents to be successful.
  • Occupational psychologist – using psychology to increase the process performance of people and teams.
  • Forensic psychologist – using psychological techniques to help with crime solving or examine and treat crook behaviour.

Becoming a chartered psychologist takes up to five years of similar education and supervised work enjoy, inclusive of a regarded PhD entry onto approved guides are extremely aggressive. To be a successful applicant you’ll need 6–12 months of work to enjoy in a psychology-related role. You’ll also want to illustrate willpower, instructional excellence and a range of tender talents.


Teaching is another famous path for psychology graduates able to do similarly take a look at. teaching psychology is a way to make full use of what you’ve learned at some stage in your degree. Insights from psychology will assist with other parts of your instructor schooling, such as informal learning patterns, behavior management, and safeguarding younger humans.

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Human resource

Psychology and human aid control is a common joint diploma, displaying that the two disciplines are carefully interlinked. To work in HR you need a great understanding of human beings’ motivations and interactions. Your role could include hiring the right individual to supplement a group, mediating in workplace disputes and coping with personality clashes.

Even as graduates from any discipline can circulate into HR, a psychology degree will make you in particular attractive to employers. If you’re passionate about HR, you have to additionally don’t forget in addition education from the Chartered Institute of Employees and Development, even though this may be executed at the job.

Research jobs

Even if you don’t want to be an academic, a profession in studies is a totally real opportunity for a psychology graduate. as well as direct knowledge of psychiatry subjects, your psychology degree develops robust studies and evaluation capabilities. Studies don’t necessarily suggest masters or PhD. As a graduate, you may cross directly into paintings as a research analyst.

All styles of establishments, from most important organisations to government departments, are searching for psychological research. you may run a full-fledged studies mission into employee productiveness, or collect and analyse data on behalf of a company

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Advertising and marketing

Advertising products successfully rely upon on getting in the customer’s head, so it’s understandable that psychology graduates are enormously sought-after.

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Career advisers

Careers advisers are employed by means of schools, universities, local government, charities and extra. There are lots of roles available, and entry stage positions are open to graduates without further training, though you should be inclined to gain expert qualifications at the job.

Psychology graduates are valued for his perception into people’s personalities, needs, and capability to learn and broaden, in addition to soft skills like data-amassing and company.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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