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The Psychology of Casino and Video Game Design: How Games Keep You Hooked

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Online casinos are no doubt a good consideration for fun and entertainment. Not only that, but you also get to win money in return after investing a particular amount in the game. All of these are exciting things that anybody would like to experience. However, beyond the benefits, the industry employs certain psychological tactics to keep players hooked after visiting their platforms.

You don’t need to forget that casinos are a business. As such, owners can employ the necessary tactics to keep the investment going, provided it is within the confines of legality. The truth is there are some underlying things beyond the fun and the money that keeps you visiting a casino site or playing a video game repeatedly. 

Psychological tactics used by casino and video games providers

Beyond marketing and advertising their platforms, there are other things gaming providers do to keep prospects and visitors. For instance, in this Jackpot City review, you will read information about the benefits of playing on the platforms and the perks offered to new players. Beyond these, a few things convert you from being a first-timer player to someone who keeps visiting, and that is what is termed the psychology of casinos. Below you will find info about casino tactics for retaining players.

Appealing and captivating designs

It is believed that one of the ways to a man’s heart is through his eyes. When you find something appealing to your sight, it takes just a little time before you visit it. The iGaming businesses are capitalising on this human behaviour to keep their business afloat. This is achieved by designing games with quality graphics and visuals capable of striking a cord in your head.

You will realise modern games now come in 3D casino designs and features. This is not just an attempt to improve the game quality but much more a tactic to keep you glued. Another application of this is building games that integrate elements of popular movies, music, and sports having large audiences and followers. It is also a prevalent slot machine psychology.

The timeless tactics

Have you ever wondered why there are no clocks in casinos, both land-based and online? Yes, it is a deliberate attempt to disallow you from keeping track of your gaming time. It is a lifelong strategy that is being used by mortar and brick casinos and has been integrated into online sites too. 

It is easier to disengage from gaming when you can keep track of the total time you have spent. However, if there is no clock, you will be left with assumptions about whether you haven’t stayed longer. In most cases, you will always spend beyond your desired time playing video or casino games just because there is no clock. As such, it is always advisable for you to have a personal strategy, bankroll, and time management tool before starting.

Stimulating sounds

Initially, online casino games didn’t have much sound safety for the impressions made during clicks or wins. But now things are different, and sounds have been discovered to be one of the major elements that can captivate someone’s mind. Developers now develop modern games in which soothing background music is played when you engage.

Most times, you find yourself playing the game repeatedly just to listen to the sounds. You might not know this, but it is a deliberate attempt on the side of the casino company to keep you coming. Sometimes, when you hear those songs, your mind will be drawn back to the game, and you might want to try it out again. It is applicable in video games and land-based casinos also.

Near misses

This is a popular tactic used in games of luck development. It is a slot machine psychology that uses a random number generator to produce a winning combination at every point. The casino designs involve results that are closely near the winning requirement. When you have such an outcome, you are made to believe more trials can result in a proper win. 

Hoping to win after hitting a few near misses is a psychological tactic. It is called loss aversion, and it is a behavioural tendency tool in gambling. The results are randomly generated, and the right winning combination will come at the perfect time, not influenced by the number of trials. It is a deliberate attempt to stimulate your brain to believe you will win when you keep trying. It is important we issue a disclaimer that near misses don’t mean game results are altered.

Demo games and free play

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Many people think this is a marketing strategy used to serve as appetizers to prospective players. Meanwhile, the logic behind the demo game strategy is to advertise and create a lasting impression in your mind. These free-play versions are always designed to be less complex and more rewarding. So, this makes you believe the real game will replicate what you have tried.

Eventually, when you try the real game, you will face reality. However, the impression of how easy and rewarding the demo version is remains in your brain. Therefore, you keep repeatedly playing to see if you can achieve what you have achieved in the free play edition. 


The growth of the gaming industry can be traced to its exceptional marketing strategy and excellent service. However, the psychology of casinos also plays a role in retaining players and visitors on their platforms. These methods are just a leverage on human behaviour and are legal since it doesn’t violate any rights. Notwithstanding, you must understand these strategies as a player to avoid becoming addicted to your casino or video games.

Jordan Wayne, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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