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Psychologists Publish Advice for Key Workers and Their children

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Psychologists from the British Psychological Society have produced guidance for key workers and their children on navigating the emotional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children are likely to be feeling unsettled by the upheaval of the coronavirus lockdown, and some may be more worried because of having a parent who is still going to work.

The booklet for parents gives some straightforward tips on how they can help their children to cope, which includes:

  • Asking the child questions and talking to them
  • Giving the child choices over their time
  • Making their routine as consistent as possible, particularly at bedtime
  • Helping them to understand and share their feelings

It also provides guidance on finding a balance between work and home life at a time when there are many different things for key worker parents to manage at once.

Dr Bethan Phillips, a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families that produced the documents, said: ‘We are all extremely grateful to key workers for the role that they are playing in keeping everyone safe and the country going, but we also appreciate the vital role of parenting.

‘We hope that this information will be helpful to both key workers and their children in navigating these difficult times.’

In addition to the guidance for parents, there is also an advice sheet aimed at their children to answer the questions they may have.

It explains what a key worker is and why they have to spend so much time at work right now, discusses Coronavirus safety on a basic level and encourages young people to talk to their parents when they’re feeling worried.


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