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“I’m a Psychologist” – This is What Your Shoe Colour Says About You

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From killer heels to statement sneakers, we all have our favourite shoe styles. But what does your shoe colour say about you?

Fortunately, footwear retailer schuh has partnered with leading colour psychologist Sian Clarke, to reveal the hidden meanings behind its best-selling colours according to sales data:


Every bit as classy as they are versatile, a pair of black shoes are a wardrobe staple, be it boots, flat shoes, or trainers.

Sian Clarke explains: “Black shoes are for the chic and sophisticated. These shoe shoppers like to show off their strong and powerful side; they shop for the occasion and never wear the wrong kind of shoe. They are a less-is-more type of  shopper.

Dan Barker, Senior Buyer at schuh agrees: “It’s no surprise that black is our best seller. These shoes can be paired with anything, look undeniably stylish, and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.”


White typically has connotations of purity, while the cleanliness of white tones means you probably seek peace, calmness, and simplicity in your life. Can the same be said of white-shoe wearers?

Sian continues: “White shoes are for people who like to brighten up any outfit, and they show their cool, calm, and collected side. White shoe shoppers also sometimes have a bit of a perfectionist streak and won’t stop until they find the perfect pair to add to their collection.”


Tan is another commonly sought-after colour for British shoe shoppers, as confirmed by search stats on schuh’s website.

Dan explains: “Tan shoes are the shoe of the eternal summer. While black may look out of place in the sunshine, tan remains a solid choice all year round.

“They harmonise naturally with your legs when wearing dresses and shorts and always look smart while bringing an unconsidered, effortless air to your fit.”


From bubblegum to blush, pink has undoubtedly been the shade of the season, thanks to Barbie, the biggest film of the year

Whether it’s hot pink Crocs or some Nike trainers for women, pink has well-known mood-boosting properties, but what does our colour psychologist say about pink shoes?

Sian said: “Pink shoes portray a powerful, playful personality who’s a great listener with a wild side. Shoppers who love pink shoes have their minds made up and will always succeed at whatever they put their minds to.”


Multi-coloured shoes can be indicative of a vibrant, positive, and individualistic personality.

Sian said: “Blue releases oxytocin in our system when we wear it, and people who love blue shoes are calm and great communicators, while red shoes are for the confident extroverts who aren’t afraid to turn heads. Red releases adrenaline in our nervous systems and makes a shopper high energy who takes risks with their shoes and takes the ‘more is more’ approach to shopping.

“Meanwhile, green shoes are for the balanced and harmonious wearer who has a thing for nature but fashion equally. These shoppers take an ethical approach to shopping and love vegan leather, plant textures, and matte finishes.”


Whether it’s a toffee, a caramel, or a mocha, some brown neutral tones can add balance to your shoe rack. 

“Brown shoes stand the test of time and often signify sustainability concerns. They reflect a stable, wholesome individual who knows what they want and will always be up for a shop.

“They are often associated with down-to-earth traits and want longevity in a shoe,” said Sian.

Natural tones  

Neutral hues like stone and subtle grey needn’t be dull and often carry a broad meaning.

Sian concluded: “Grey shoes show a determined yet subtle and classic individual. A shopper who focuses on smooth finishes, the perfect shine, and even loves a  flatform

So, there we have it. Your chosen shoe selection may be saying more than you think. Do you agree with our observations?

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