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Psychologist Shares the Reasons Why 270 Million of Us Are Fascinated with Watching #dishupdinnerwithme

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With over 270 million views on TikTok, new research by HelloFresh reveals that #dishupdinnerwithme has become the cosy cooking trend of the season.

Sharing our love of food on social media apps has risen in popularity over the last few years, and now, not only are users sharing the food they’ve made but also the moment they serve up their plates.

Mimi Morley, senior recipe development manager at meal-box delivery company, HelloFresh, spoke of the trend: “TikTok users love food videos; we’ve seen this many times before, but now people are sharing the moment they dish up their dinners.

“The videos highlight the love we have for food and the love we have for sharing our creations with the world. So much happiness comes from a well-cooked meal, and I think this is why these videos are so popular. There’s definitely something comforting about them, and I know users take recipe inspiration away from the videos.”

To delve into the psychology behind the #dishupdinnerwithme trend, HelloFresh asked consultant counselling psychologist Dr Ritz, “There is a huge fascination with watching people cook on social media. It could be from gaining inspiration, building confidence, or relaxing through the value of cooking and food. We can understand these trends from various psychological perspectives, such as social cognitive theory, belonging, and coping.”

Dr Ritz states the main reasons why we’ve created this fascination with watching #dishupdinnerwithme.

Social cognitive theory

Social cognitive theory suggests that individuals learn by observing others. Viewers may be learning new cooking techniques and recipes, or gaining confidence in cooking by watching others. The social aspect of the trend aligns with theory’s emphasis on social learning through modelling.

Mirror neuron system

The mirror neuron system suggests that individuals have neurons that fire both when performing an action and when observing someone else perform that same action. In the context of cooking videos, viewers might experience a form of neural resonance, feeling a connection to the actions they observe and potentially triggering positive emotions.

Belonging to a community

Participating in or observing trends can create a sense of community among individuals who share similar interests. It contributes to the development of virtual communities centred around cooking and food, where people can exchange ideas and tips.

Coping mechanism

Watching cooking or meal preparation videos can serve as a form of relaxation and distraction. The repetitive and methodical nature of the process can be soothing, providing some respite from stress or daily challenges.

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