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Psychologist Reveals What the Phone You Owned in the 00s Reveals About Your Personality

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As Gen Z looks to reduce screen time, “dumb phones” are on the rise with an average of 160k searches for the term “dumb phone” in 2023 alone. TikTok has also seen 7.5 million views for the hashtag “#2000sphones” and Twitter has exploded with nostalgic threads of people sharing their first phone memories

As well as hinting at when you grew up, did you know the phone you owned in the 00s could reveal a lot about your personality? Refurbished iPhone specialists, musicMagpie, and clinical psychotherapist, Dr Jo Gee, reveal what the phone you owned in the 00s reveals about your personality.

So whether you were dialling digits on a Nokia 3310 or an iPhone 3G in the 00s, see if you agree with the expert personality insight 

iPhone 3G – personality type: passionate

Dr Jo Gee noted: “The iPhone 3G was revolutionary and built for speed, at the cutting edge of technology in the 00s. A 2016 study5 found iPhone owners to exhibit a higher level of emotionality, which often relates to qualities such as passion and vibrancy.”

Nokia 3310 – personality type: protector

Dr Jo Gee added: “The Nokia 3310 was the sturdy, well-rounded and durable classic, owned by many. 

“Interestingly, a range of different personality types were likely drawn to this phone as it walks a middle path between resilience and design. The ‘Protector Personalities’ are well rounded, but particularly interested in safety and security, and will have appreciated this Nokia.”

Blackberry Pearl – personality type: data analyst

Dr Jo Gee said: “The Blackberry Pearl was nothing short of a technological innovation and was more likely to attract the Data Analysts who had a phone for business needs. 

“The Pearl owners were likely to exhibit a problem-solving approach to situations; being both perceptive and detail-oriented.”

Motorola Razr 3 – personality type: innovative debater

Dr Jo Gee explains: “The Innovative Debaters (or ENTP if we look at the Myers-Briggs categories) often have an interesting style strategy, drawn to the quirky, fun and eccentric, and these are the people who would have been drawn to an innovative fashion phone, like the Motorola Razr 3.”

Sony Ericsson T610 – personality type: expressive

Dr Jo Gee added: “The retro Sony Ericsson T610 had a very strong visual style in a range of colours.  

“Designed by Erik Ahlgren in an industrial grace, it would have likely attracted the ‘Expressives’; the personality type which demonstrates a social, enthusiastic and dynamic disposition!”

LG Cookie KP500 – personality type: optimist

Dr Jo Gee comments: “The LG Cookie KP500 was considered colourful, cute and cheerful and would have been a light-hearted option, for those personality types with ‘fun’ as an important quality. 

“The Optimists, which focus on positivity and pace, would have been a good match for this phone.”

Liam Howley, chief marketing officer at musicMagpie, said: “Phones have quickly become an essential part of most of our lives and they’re now more advanced than ever. We rely on phones to have our friends, family and the world at our fingertips. All of that communication and information is sometimes overwhelming, though, so it’s no surprise that more of us are looking for the occasional break which a ‘dumb phone’ can provide.

“As Dr. Jo outlines, our dumb phone choices can reveal a lot about our personality, as well as giving us a heavy dose of nostalgia from the phone we remember as our very first or our beloved ‘iconic’ device. Who didn’t love playing Snake on the Nokia 3310 or getting a new polyphonic ringtone to impress their mates? 

“Whilst a ‘dumb phone’ is a great option for stepping back from the advanced tech of today, you don’t have to get an old phone to manage your screen time as most phones now have digital wellbeing tools to help you take a break, giving you the best of both worlds. Refurbished phones can also provide the environmental benefits of buying a second hand phone without having to go back to the 00s, and they’re often cheaper too so it’s a win-win!”

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