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Psychological Impact of Traumatic Injuries

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The initial reactions to trauma can be, and for lack of a better word, traumatising. Whether it’s an accident, death, or the mere fact that you have lost your job, these are situations in life that can halt your life progress. Everyone has a different way of dealing with trauma. Some’ll accept it and then there are those who’ll be self-limited to accepting the situations of life. The brain is such an intricate and sensitive organ and one that can have some permanent effects on you if you are not careful with how you handle traumatic events. Below are the psychological impacts of traumatic injuries. 

Car accident victims

If you have been involved in a car accident, then this means that you have been exposed to a traumatic experience and one that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s worrying if you have not already received some counseling or consulted with an attorney to have your case reviewed. If you’ve been injured in an accident or have a loved one who has the same predicaments, then it’s time to visit an attorney who has vast experience in personal injury law. This might mean going to a law firm that deals with exactly this. Among the things to consider when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney includes:

  • Check out their fee structure. When it comes to personal injury law, most attorneys will offer you a contingency fee plan. Now, this means that you’ll not have to foot any bills right away, just until they have won your case and you can then honour their contract.
  • Ensure that they are certified. This is a critical element to check out when choosing a personal injury attorney. It means asking about their credentials, checking their board certifications, and not to mention their track record.
  • They must practice in personal injury law. Not all attorneys will specialise in the area of law that you might have a problem with. By this, it means going for attorneys who specifically practice in personal injury law if you have an issue with such legal matters.


Bullies exist in almost every institution. Whether it’s in a school, your place of work, or at home. They can make your life miserable and it can sometimes feel like you are out of place. This is just the most psychological torture a person can go through when faced with a bullying experience. Feeling helpless through a bullying event can be painful but having the right people standing in the gap can mean all the difference between the psychological torment and finding immediate intervention.

Bullies have existed since the years of yore and have for the longest time killed potential. This is not something that you’ll not wish even for your worst enemy. A parent should be aware of the traumatizing and psychological effects that bullying causes. This is an all-collective initiative that involves the community to take part in not only to help prevent but protect the victims from.

Sexual assault

Do you know how many rape cases go unnoticed? Well, you have to check the statistics to get a clear picture. Whether it’s a friend who was eying you or a stranger who sexually abused you, it can be a reason to cause you traumatic injuries both psychologically and physically. There are so many sexual assault cases that go unnoticed and you’ll be safe to know that reporting a sexual assault case doesn’t in any way put you at any risk. In actual sense, you’ll also be protecting your friends and most probably people you have never come into contact with.

Natural disasters

Dealing with natural disasters can be traumatic both physically and emotionally. There are so many ways a natural disaster can disrupt your life. Having to think that you lost your home due to a blizzard or a storm should in so many ways affect you even in your sleep. There are so many natural disasters that have both the present and in the past caused people stressful reactions. The thing is., you have to accept your present situations and find ways to forge forward.

War and acts of terrorism

There’s so much going in the world and you’ll be better off keeping in your lane. The last thing you’ll want is to have to quarrel with someone because you were offensive or rude. You want to cultivate a good relationship with your neighbours if you want the same treatment. These are simple things that can help prevent wars and crises on this beautiful planet.

Seeking help

If you are a victim of either of the above traumatic events, then you need to seek help. Whether it’s counseling, legal help, or medical help, it will help to ensure that you have better chances of dealing with the traumas. Whether it’s PTSD, an injury due to an accident, or memories of a lost loved one, then you have every reason to seek help. Some institutions have dedicated their resources to providing free help to affected persons, or you could pay for exclusive counseling services just for any troubling issues.

Treatment might involve taking some medication, therapy, desensitisation, self-care, exercise, and being mindful of your surroundings. These are but some of the ways that can help you get over any traumatic event in your life. You might also consider eating right because trauma might affect your appetite. Some foods have been found to be effective in helping to deal with trauma.

Lifestyle change

You don’t have to overindulge to get over a traumatic event. Alcohol is not the cure to what you went through in your childhood years. You need to find something better that can help you get over a trauma. Games, books, and not to forget creating meaningful relations are part and parcel of dealing with traumatic injuries.

Final thoughts

Traumatic injuries can be described as life events that hurt you physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Dealing with such events can be tough on you and having to deal with them can be painstaking. Ensure to involve your loved ones and the professional when you have things that you need to get off your chess.

Yani Smith is a Legal Marketing Manager at Haskins and Company, a law firm marketing agency based out of Greenville.

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