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The Psychological Benefits of Smiling

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Smiling, as we know, is the most obvious way to express a happy feeling or emotion. It is also said to be the impression you can give off using a facial expression. Most people believe that the more you smile, the less you worry about, while others have attributed a smile to be the first step to inner peace. Indeed, there is no denying the fact that a smile is more about positivity and has a lot less negative implications, but how much do you know about smiling and the effect it has on you and others around you?

A smile is typically formed by freely flexing the muscles in your mouth and surrounding areas, and it sometimes involves the muscles at the sides of your eyes. Unlike a grimace that usually involves a happy face made up to cover a feeling of anxiety, a smile is a pure expression of happiness, delight, and satisfaction. A smile also indicates that one is open to socializing on some occasions, and the benefits of smiling are crucial for you and the people around you. This article is focused on the psychological study of smiling and how it relates to your oral health.

Dr Chater at the Altima Kingston Dental Center explained that a smile is made up of several factors that include the balance of the mouth angle and the show of teeth. But he also added that it is the state of your oral health that beautifies your smile with clean sparkling teeth. A clean and healthy mouth does not only produce the best smiles, but it also gives you the confidence to flaunt your smile anywhere and anytime without holding back. An unhealthy oral system, on the other hand, does not look appealing even when you smile. It also takes your confidence away and makes you smile less, leaving you with an unpleasant facial expression.acceptance

Social effect of a good smile

Smiling helps you maintain happy and pleasant emotions, relax your facial muscles, and give you the best looks. But that’s all, as a smile can have some social implications that help you relate with people more. Here, let’s take a look at some of the social effects of smiling.

  • A smile makes you more approachable. Although it may not be completely accurate in some cases, a smiling face often indicates openness and willingness to relate with others around you. But a frowning face is conceived as an anti-social expression, whether it is deliberate or not. Hence, people are quick to approach and relate with you when you smile, and they tend to stay away from you when you have a frowning face.
  • Smiling is an easy way to show acceptance. As much as smiling makes you approachable, it also expresses a feeling of acceptance when approached. For instance, if you find yourself in an event and are approached by another person, your smile shows the person that you are ready to socialise, while a frowning face is an act of rejection.
  • A smile is a sign of agreement. Well, the best and easiest way to show that you agree with a proposed motion is by smiling. Even if you do not wish to show your agreement, a simple smile gives away your opinion on the matter.
  • It makes you more productive. A smile is an indication that you are happy, and happiness lets out a rush of positive energy through your body. Hence, we tend to perform better when smiling, which multiplies our productivity at work.

Health benefits of smiling

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise finding out that smiling is a healthy activity. Yes, in addition to the burst of emotion and the social effects of smiling, you also get a series of health benefits when you smile. Here are some of the most significant health benefits of smiling.

  • Smiling reduces your blood pressure.
  • It reduces pain and increases your endurance.
  • Smiling often helps to keep your stress levels at bay.
  • It significantly boosts your immune system.
  • Helps you avoid wrinkles on your face.

Bottom line

Smiling is the best facial expression you can put on, and the benefits of putting on a good smile are too numerous to be ignored. However, the best smiles are promoted by a clean set of teeth and a healthy mouth. Hence, you can secure a good smile on your face by maintaining good oral health. The tips in this article will help you significantly. 

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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