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Psychic Betting Predictions: Can You Use Psychic Powers to Pick a Winner?

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Some people are superstitious, some people aren’t. Some believe that certain things are just a matter of luck, whilst others believe that it’s a matter of fate. Some believe that you can only really pick a winner at an online betting site if you do your homework, research the match – and have luck on your side. However, there are some people that believe they can use their psychic powers to pick a winner.

Throughout history, psychics and fortune tellers have captivated the imagination of people all over the world by claiming that they possess supernatural abilities  – and the ability to predict future events and their outcomes. Understandably, there are many who remain sceptical of their claims, but some renowned psychics have even made bold predictions in the realm of betting and gambling.

Can it actually be true? Well, here we will explore a few interesting instances where these allegedly gifted individuals claimed to foresee the outcomes of sporting events and other gambling-related outcomes.

Edgar Cayce’s horse racing prophecies

Edgar Cayce, who was often referred to as the “Sleeping Prophet”, was an American psychic famous for his alleged ability to enter a seemingly trance-like state and, when in this state, offer insights into various subjects. 

In the early 20th century, Cayce made predictions about horse racing results that garnered plenty of attention. In fact, it is said that he did actually accurately predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby on a number of different occasions. His alleged ability to foresee horse racing outcomes certainly captured the attention of many, leading to his reputation as a psychic betting expert. Although some sceptics dismissed his predictions as simple lucky coincidences, his accuracy in this specific sporting arena is certainly always going to be a fascinating aspect of his legacy.

Jeanne Dixon’s presidential election prediction

Jeanne Dixon was an American psychic who gained widespread popularity in the mid-20th century – and she claimed to have correctly predicted significant world events. 

In fact, one of her most notable predictions was the victory of John F. Kennedy in the 1960 US presidential election. Apparently, Dixon allegedly informed Kennedy and his wife about the upcoming triumph way before the election took place. Understandably, this prophecy attracted immense media attention and thus established Dixon as a renowned psychic. 

OK, her political predictions were not directly related to gambling (unless you were betting on the outcome of the Presidential election)  but her accuracy in foretelling the future ensured that she made her name as a notable psychic figure.

Paul the Octopus and FIFA World Cup

And who can ever forget our eight tentacled friend? During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we were all mesmerised by a remarkable octopus named Paul  – who became an overnight sensation due to his uncanny ability to predict match outcomes. 

Housed at an aquarium in Germany, Paul accurately picked the winners of several matches, including the final between Spain and the Netherlands. But how did it work? Well, his predictions were simply based on selecting one of two boxes, each adorned with the flag of a competing nation. 

His crazy success rate in foreseeing the tournament’s results captured the attention of the global media, and his fame grew exponentially. Obviously, the sceptics were out in force and dismissed his abilities as mere chance. Despite this, Paul the Octopus remains a fascinating example of an animal purportedly possessing psychic powers.

Can winners really be predicted?

Psychics and their predictions have always generated curiosity and intrigue – especially when their prophecies include the potentially profitable world of betting and gambling. Although scepticism will always remain prevalent, the cases of Edgar Cayce’s horse racing predictions, Jeanne Dixon’s presidential election prophecy, and Paul the Octopus’s FIFA World Cup picks definitely give us some serious food for thought, and have certainly captured the public’s imagination. 

Whether these predictions were a result of true psychic abilities or simply happy coincidences, they have certainly been good enough to make us think… Can psychics really predict a winner? It’s a nice idea.

Helen Baumeister, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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