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Proviron PCT – 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes

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To err is human and to forget about crucial Proviron pct too. Today we will not be mocking others for doing crazy stuff, on the contrary, we will be thanking them for their mistakes which we can learn from and not repeat in the future. We will tell you about Proviron itself, post-cycle therapy and three mistakes you should avoid to stay happy and healthy. 

What is Proviron

Proviron compensates for the deficiency of androgens, the production of which gradually decreases with age. Thus, Proviron provides treatment for conditions caused by a deficiency or complete absence of androgen production in the body. In recommended doses, it does not reduce spermatogenesis. The drug has no hepatotoxicity. Proviron is a derivative of its active ingredient – mesterolone and also is a hormonal drug with moderate androgenic activity and significantly enhances erectile function. Proviron is often used in bodybuilding during the course of anabolic steroids for various tasks. It is also a poor aromatase inhibitor and it almost does not suppress natural testosterone production. 

After completing the cycle of steroids, you need to minimise muscle loss and restore your natural testosterone levels. That is why people use pct or Proviron pct. On PCT, the task is not to preserve your muscles gained on the course; on PCT, the task is not to destroy them even more than nature envisions. When a person begins to experiment with his hormonal system ineptly, or when he puts a lot of excess loads in the gym. That is why we are going to look at popular mistakes, to save your hormonal system.

Proviron PCT mistakes

This is the most interesting part of the article about Proviron pct. Everyone loves funny fail compilations, this is almost the same, but with more severe consequences. The most popular and bonus mistake is the use of Proviron as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatization is a chemical reaction that converts testosterone to estradiol. Aromatisation isn’t always bad. Due to it, some drugs, such as long esters of testosterone and methandienone, show their capabilities. Thus, they give an increase in volume and strength. But all this with a normal level of estrogen in the blood. Proviron only slightly interferes with the conversion of steroids to estrogens in the body.  

Proviron PCT solo

Yes, Proviron is not very toxic and looks really nice from almost all sides, however, there is no point in using it solo. It just will not give you any effect because it was not created for this. That is why a lot of professionals recommend using it during the cycle to reduce side effects right away or to include it in your post-cycle therapy but with other compounds like the famous Nolvadex. 

Proviron PCT for 2+ months

Everything is good with moderation. Yup, this is my favourite phrase and I will continue putting it in almost every article. Imagine eating only one kind of food for more than two months. Even if that is chocolate (which is 2 times worse) you will go crazy during the first two weeks, I am quite sure. Same thing here, taking Proviron pct for such a long time is very dangerous for your health (and wallet too). The Proviron cycle should not exceed 5–6 weeks. Besides that your body will be stocking bad cholesterol which is very dangerous for your heart, you will also get used to the component and it will cease to have any effect. 

Proviron PCT once a day

We all know that in the world of steroids, special attention should be paid not only to their androgenic and estrogenic effects but also to their half-life and excretion period. The same works with Proviron pct, because Proviron’s half-life is 12 hours, so you need to take it at least twice a day to get the effects. Fun Fact: Almost all Hollywood actors use it to create their muscular look. Proviron takes the place of a favourite among women who have devoted themselves to bodybuilding. A woman is advised to take no more than 26 mg per day. However, professional athletes can determine the dosage depending on individual characteristics.


Many athletes assure that “Proviron” in bodybuilding is an integral component and without it, there will be no good result. In fact, the drug is simply considered less toxic and the cheapest compared to competitors. And thanks to numerous fakes, Proviron has significantly lost ground over the past few years, giving preference to Anastrozole, which quickly gained popularity among athletes. From the information above, we can easily conclude that Proviron is not a strong compound solo for bulking, cutting or pct. Its action is so-so, fifty-fifty, so you can use it for PCT if you want, but ONLY with Nolvadex or Clomid, and don’t expect too many effects.

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