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Take Your Productivity Levels to New Heights with New Energy Supplement Shown to Enhance Mental Performance

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You can increase your energy, reach your peak performance and cognitive capacity, and achieve your best self with new energy supplement.

When it comes to our to-do list, we start the day with the best intentions and motivation to get things done. Yet so often we end the day feeling tired and frustrated when we see how many tasks still haven’t been checked off that ever-growing list.

Take charge of your energy and increase your productivity with new Pro Plus Ultra – a superior caffeinated energy source, containing a unique blend of slow-release caffeine, vitamins, and adaptogens that have been shown to support focus, boost energy, and enhance mental performance.

Commenting on the benefits of energy enhancers, productivity hacker and founder of the UK’s No. 1 peak performance podcast Take FLIGHT, Mark Whittle said: ‘Productivity doesn’t happen by accident. Accomplishing all the things you need and want to do requires continuous energy and focus. That’s why I recommend long-lasting energy supplements such as Pro Plus® Ultra to all my clients wanting to improve their performance, both physically and mentally.’

Pro Plus Ultra contains Guarana extract, a natural source of caffeine, and slow-release caffeine to provide a sustained release of energy throughout the day, improving your mental focus and sharpening your attention.

Pro Plus Ultra can help to reduce the impact of stress on the brain and body’s functions thanks to the adaptogen Ashwagandha. Consumed for a variety of health benefits, Ashwagandha has been shown to enhance mental clarity and boost our energy levels.

Thanks to the added vitamins B6 and B12, known for improving energy, as well as Ginseng, contributing to mental performance, Pro Plus Ultra can help to reduce the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue, heightening our cognitive functions such as improved focus and alertness.

Mark Whittle Comments: ‘On the days when we are tired and struggling for motivation, there are steps we can take to re-energise and perform at our best. By combining self-discipline and determination with a powerful combination of slow-release caffeine, vitamins and adaptogens, such as those found in Pro Plus® Ultra, we can help to improve our overall energy, vitality, and productivity

Increase your energy and reach your peak performance and cognitive capacity with new Pro Plus Ultra. Pro Plus Ultra retails for £6.99 and is available to purchase from Superdrug.

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