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Prioritise Your Well-Being This Autumn with London’s New Advanced Mobile Skin Care Service

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The impact of a years’ worth of lockdowns, masks-wearing, and restrictions has taken its toll on the nation’s physical and mental health. As autumn approaches, Brits are now looking for new ways to invest in their well-being. As touch therapy is improving mental health, many are seeking the benefits of  advanced facials in the comfort of their own home.  

According to a report from All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), there is a clear link between mental health and skin health. In the study of 544 participants, 98% claimed their skin  conditions negatively affected their emotional well-being and 93% claimed their skin conditions negatively affected their mental health. This comes as no surprise as a year of unprecedented changes  has left many feeling anxious and stressed, which has resulted in an increase in skin conditions flaring  up.  

Dermoi is a full skincare solution that involves monthly cosmeceutical facial treatments with skin specialists to guide the rest of your skincare routine. This is because when scientific products and  treatments are combined with the expertise of a skin aesthetician, they can supervise your  personal skin journey and help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.  

As Dermoi is a mobile platform, the company allows those suffering skin conditions and poor mental health to feel ease and relief as they can keep the treatment of their skin private in the  comfort of their own home. The launch of Dermoi’s monthly skincare subscription also allows clients to truly invest in their skin as it makes receiving their monthly treatments convenient and affordable. 

Dermoi is the only skincare platform in which every product and treatment is selected and  endorsed by in house scientists to ensure efficacy, quality, and standardisation across the platform. In a time when many consumers practice harmful skincare regimes and are self-inflicting skin  conditions based on poor advice, such expertise is essential. 

Eve Casha, chief scientific officer of Dermoi, explains: ‘Many are unaware of the transformative power of regular cosmeceutical facial treatments. Daily skincare is an absolute must, but monthly facial treatments with advanced technologies will go beyond to intensify your results and preserve the integrity of your skin overtime. In addition, the benefit of receiving  personalised skin consultation and advice cannot be overlooked.’

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