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Preschooler Project: Parents of Three-Year-Olds Wanted

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Thank you for your interest in our study on preschoolers’ behaviour. 

We are interested in finding out more about the links between the way that preschoolers perceive the world, and their sleep and behaviour. We are currently recruiting parents of three year olds to take part in this study. 

The study will last for 18 months because we really want to be able to look at how sleep and sensory behaviours predict behaviour later on. We would ideally like you to complete this questionnaire three times over the next 18 months (in six month gaps). We will email you each time the next stage of the questionnaire is live. Starting the questionnaire today doesn’t mean that you have to remain involved over the course of the project, but of course – we would really appreciate your involvement at each of the three time points. 

The project team is led by Dr Alice Jones Bartoli and Professor Alice Gregory, and comprises BSc and MSc students from Goldsmiths, University of London. If you have any questions about the study, please email the project leads a.jones@gold.ac.uk or a.gregory@gold.ac.uk. 

As part of this study, we will be running chat groups about preschool relevant topics like language, sleep, behaviour and friendship with experts in those areas to answer your questions. We will let you know about these when they happen via email, and these chats and information about the findings of this study will be available on our website.   

This questionnaire should take around 10 minutes to complete, and asks you to tell us a bit about your child. You don’t need to complete every item, but it’s useful for us to have as complete a picture as possible. If you have more than one child who is three, then you can certainly complete the questionnaire for each of child. 

All of the data that you give us will be provided anonymously, and we won’t share any individual data. We can’t offer feedback on individual children, but we will be posting a summary of our research findings as soon as we have completed each stage of the study. 

If you are happy to continue, please click here to confirm that you are a) over 18, and b) have read the information above and are happy to proceed. 

Credits: Alice Jones Bartoli and Alice Gregory

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