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Prepping for Your Pregnancy Dating Scan

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It is always a joyous moment when you find out you will have a baby. It can be an overwhelming time, and you cannot wait to get a glimpse of the baby growing during the early weeks of pregnancy.

That is why most couples would want to quickly go for a dating scan to know the due date and probably start early preparations. But what should you do before you go out for the dating scan?

Read today’s article and learn more about this unique medical procedure, a dating scan.

First understand what a dating scan is

Before you even consider taking the procedure, you must understand its basic concepts. Typically, a dating scan is an ultrasound medical examination performed on pregnant women during the early weeks of gestation to determine the due date of the birth.

However, there are other reasons why a dating scan is performed. These include determining the number of foetuses, the presence of a fetus’s heartbeat, the fetus’s size, and the uterus’s condition. Overall, it is an intimate moment where you get to see your baby for the first time and hear its heartbeat.

Dating scan has no special preparation

Most people who have undertaken it will tell you there is no special preparation for dating scans. However, it is usually recommended to drink 4-6 glasses of water before the test. The reason for that is to allow your doctor to have clear images of the foetus and your reproductive organs. So, in case you feel you have a full bladder, hold on until you are done with the dating scan.

Besides, ensure that you wear light clothing, preferably a tracksuit and a light blouse or t-shirt, to allow your doctor to have an easy time doing the scan. That way, you will not stress about undressing before the scan. 

Don’t be too worried

It is imperative to understand that a dating scan is a preliminary scan you undertake. However, not much will be revealed at this stage due to the size of the foetus. During the early weeks of gestation, the dating scan is not designed to examine the more in-depth variations, which are only possible from week 20 of pregnancy through what is known as an anomaly scan.

During the later stages, more detailed images can be seen by your sonographer due to your baby’s larger size. Nonetheless, as you go for your dating scan, it is an opportunity to ensure that your pregnancy is normal and that any abnormality is detected early enough. If it is your first time, you will mostly not understand the dating scan images projected on the screen or know what to look for, but you can better understand the projected images if it is your second or third dating scan.

Create relevant pregnancy questions

If it is your first dating scan, you will mostly be clueless about everything. Nonetheless, it is an opportunity for you to learn essential pregnancy concepts, and that can only be possible by asking your sonographer questions. Gather all necessary questions and then ask them during the scan session. You will be equipped with essential knowledge and information about approaching your pregnancy period by the end of the scan session.

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