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Prejudices Aren’t Doing Your Mind Anything Good

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Instinct is one knows something about somebody without knowing. I bet people spend a lot of time in their heads – worrying, stressing, thinking, and freaking out. But I will call it a preoccupied mind. And with what? With useless thoughts. An American philosopher said: ‘A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.’ 

The mind is a tool

All my life I’ve been obsessed with practical things – books, knowledge, work, advice, philosophy. Stress is the greatest weapon in our ability to choose one thought over the other. Without mastering the mind, one cannot believe that anything is possible. At most, thinking can be a help to decide what you think or can help you choose not to think.

Big reasons

One can learn the most important and practical things in life with learning skills and spending hours inside ones’ heads. How one can solve problems of an unanswered question using the brain? Learn to bring courage to think and solve puzzles of your life for a big reason. Multi-tasking impairs the skill of thinking, narrowing the interaction with the world. Schools don’t teach this skill, one has to do the work on one’s own.

Worthwhile thoughts

 A list of thoughts: ‘I wonder what my boss thinks?’, ‘What if I suffer from cancer?’, ‘Why is my life not interesting compared to others?’, ‘Does He love me?’, ‘I think he doesn’t care about me’, ‘What will happen if I lose my mother?’, ‘Why can’t I understand good things?’. To answer the question: ‘Are thoughts used practically?’ floods me with guilt and suffering, and anger when thinking that such thoughts have no use. So, think about what are useful thoughts? There are lots of these on this earth.

Useless thoughts

The mind can ignore every other thought. Thinking constantly means that one is not yet trained with the mind. So try to get out of your head. And if this does not happen, there is a possibility one can go creepy, and everyone can, no exceptions. One must start to train the mind to stop thinking useless thoughts and observe the crazy stuff the brain is thinking about.

Feel the thoughts

There is a lot to miss out on life by thinking so much. Did you ever notice the sunshine at dawn? Did you enjoy the smell of your coffee? Did you feel the texture of your clothes? If the answer is no, one definitely needs to start feeling. Awareness is what starts to make one feel. No need to judge and there is no need to think that you’re stupid. So saying: ‘Alas! That’s a winning thought.’ is reality.

Powerful thoughts

Apply the information in your life by reading letters found on social media, in books or written anywhere. This is a great and powerful way to use the mind in one way or the other. A book by one of the great philosopher says that the mind is a herculean tool that can change our lives. Each one is blessed with it. So, control your thoughts.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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