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Bumps & Burpees Introduces Pregnant Fitness Journey Exercise Revolution

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Imagine you are mid-workout; you look to your side and see a pregnant woman lifting weights; what are your immediate thoughts? Best-selling author and personal trainer Charlie Launder is smashing the stigma around exercise with Bumps & Burpees during pregnancy.

‘When I found out about my second pregnancy, I knew I was in a unique position to connect with mums-to-be across the world! They’re able to join a fitness class and think, ‘oh, she looks like me. I can do this. I wanted to show that they are not alone, not failing, and I am here to help them feel their best mentally and physically.’ 

The Bumps & Burpees community has been following Charlie’s fitness journey for seven months while joining independently. Beyond the physical capacity of the program, the network of expecting mothers share in the day-to-day realities of their situation. Cardio, weight training, and dealing with toddlers walking in are all the names of the game for Bumps & Burpees

‘The style is very authentic, so I show that when things aren’t perfect. When my toddler comes in in the middle of a class, I keep it in. When expecting mums to carry things, we show them how safely. I want everyone to see themselves in me and relate to my lifestyle. i.e. not perfect, and not luxury. I am a normal mum with everyday challenges, like everyone else. I want everyone who follows me to feel like I am a friend going through it with them.’

Charlie’s down-to-earth and inclusive approach to fitness has seen her grow to become one of the community leading personalities. Since founding Bumps & Burpees in 2014, Charlie has released the best-selling acclaimed book Bumps & Burpees, created and taught on the FIIT post-natal plan, and has become the pre and post-natal trainer on Alice Living’s app. Mothers and mothers-to-be can join the Bumps & Burpees community.  

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