Pranati Misurya


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Pranati Misurya completed Masters in Psychology from University of Delhi(India) and MSc in Research Methods in Psychology from University of Southampton(UK). She plans to start her PhD in Psychology soon.

Pranati has had extensive research experience as a part of her training such as being part of a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded project ‘Empathica -Empathy and Expectation Management for Patients in Primary Care which involved designing a digital intervention to improve empathy and expectation management in general practitioners for a period of 11 months (February–December 2019), as well as the Indian Council of Social Sciences (ICSSR) funded research project carried out by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi titled ‘The Capabilities Approach to Education: Access, Equity, and Quality’, for a period of six months(May’16-Oct’16), aside from other short term research experiences. Most recently, she is assisting on a collaborative research project between BITS Pilani Dubai, Goethe University and the University of Cape Town, aimed at understanding the impact of lockdown on household negotiations and interactions for the India Chapter. 

She also has considerable experience with academic writing having previously worked as a freelance academic writer with Nislo Research and largely due to her educational background.

 All in all, it can be said that Pranati has a strong interest in academics and is very passionate about teaching and research, particularly research in positive psychology.

She is currently working on two research projects as an ‘Independent researcher’, as a part of one of the projects, she is investigating the role of self-compassion and post-traumatic growth along with three other co-authors, whereas for the other study, she is investigating the role of appreciation and sense of coherence in mental health & well-being along with another co-author. A manuscript based on the research project she was previously involved with, is currently in process of publication where she also serves as one of the co-authors.

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