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Practice Mate vs Counsol – 5 Ways to Evolve Your Practice Through Office Ally Practice Mate?

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Doctors and clinics offer consultation services to patients and clients. The patients must wait in queues and carry paper-based files for consultations. Furthermore, the manual effort needs to be automated to improve service quality for practitioners. Office Ally Practice Mate and Counsol Software are used widely to facilitate appointments, history, and interaction between patients and medical practitioners. A comparison of this software is presented.

Office Ally Practice Mate features

  • 24/7 availability. The product is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is accessed using a web interface over the cloud, thus providing access anywhere, anytime solution. Another important feature is 24/7 free customer support by Office Ally, to help clients and doctors in sticky situations.
  • Low learning curve. This product is easy to install and use. Tooltips are provided to help with job learning, while tutorials, as well as technical support, are always available. The software is user-friendly and a new user can learn how to use it in minimal time.
  • Complete practice management solution. This product provides a complete practice management solution from registration to booking, follow-up, and interaction history. All features are accessible easily through the web interface.
  • Online patient eligibility checking. The eligibility of a patient is checked online, and each patient is verified before registration or consultation. This is suitable for checking eligibility against insurance claims for treatments and procedures.
  • Free claims service. The claims service is provided free to the users, where a user can log a claim, and they could be serviced. This is an attractive feature of Office Ally.
  • Detailed summary report. A detailed summary report is provided to the doctors, practitioners, and clinical staff for in-depth analysis and decision support. This summary is presented in visually appealing formats. 

Office Ally Practice Mate review

Practice Mate is a complete web solution with a user-friendly interface for novice users. The interface is easy to work with and has a low learning curve. The software can be used online and provides a complete solution from registration to appointment and report generation. 

Counsul software features

  • Personalised software. This software offers customisation and can be personalised by users for their needs. Personalization allows users to adjust the interface according to their needs.
  • Effective and efficient practice management. Counsol software offers a single solution to practice management. From appointment booking to appointment reminders, and appointment management, everything can be done in a single click. The software provides an online cloud-based solution for booking appointments as well as rescheduling them in case of any change.
  • Client journaling. A client or patient journal is maintained for previous appointments as well as the history of treatment. This allows a doctor to refer to previous visits and sessions. Client journals are kept on the cloud and encrypted to maintain privacy.
  • Security. Security is a key aspect of Counsol software and provides secure client profiles as well as secure messaging between clients and doctors. The messages are encrypted end-to-end. Also, the records in the client and clinic database are secured to increase the security of the system.
  • Online sessions. Counsol Software also enables online sessions and integrates video calls for patient-doctor appointments. This is a strong feature for remote access and minimal physical interaction.

Counsol Software reviews

Cousol is a powerful and efficient practice management software that provides a clean interface and a complete solution for bookings, rescheduling, and journaling. The main feature of Counsol is security. The profiles, as well as messages, are all encrypted to ensure privacy.

5 Ways practice mate can redefine your practice

Both Office Ally Practice Mate and Counsol Software comprehensive practice management. However, there are some interesting features that are unique to these products. 

Counsol Software adheres to the security needs of patients and doctors, and not only encrypts records, but it also provides encrypted communication. This maintains privacy while ensuring doctor-patient privilege. Counsol’s online sessions are suitable for remote users. Both doctors and patients can communicate remotely with minimal physical interaction. These are lacking in Office Ally Practice Mate features.

  • Ease of use. The first and foremost feature is the ease of use. The interface is clean and well organized. Tooltips are provided which help a new user in mastering this product. The GUI has straightforward functioning and assists a user in appointment reservations, rescheduling as well as patient data management. The software has a low-learning curve and novice users can easily utilize this product in minimal time.
  • Web- and cloud-based solution. This software is accessed via web overcloud. The communication is secured using HTTPS and can be accessed anytime, anywhere using the cloud. The data is stored centrally over the cloud and replicated to ensure availability. The web solution entails 24 hours availability with low downtime. The software opens in a standard web interface and does not require external installation on the system. Technical support is also provided 24/7 to all users of this product.
  • Eligibility check. Office Ally Practice Mate provides patient eligibility checks prior to registration. The eligibility checks are performed online and help a patient in claiming medical insurance. The mechanism is provided free to all users. The eligibility of a patient can also be checked before appointments for ease of treatment and procedures.
  • Reports. This software-generated detailed summary reports on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. These reports are shown in visually appealing graphs and can be used by senior management to analyse and address weak areas of their practice. This is a powerful feature and is suitable for opportunity analysis and decision support.
  • Comprehensive solution for practice management. Office Ally Practice Mate is a complete solution for practice management. Not only it can manage patients, but it can also manage appointments, doctors, staff, and treatments. The software provides history information to assist in diagnosis and is integrated with patient eligibility checks for insurance claims.


Practice Management is an important aspect and feature of leading medical facilities. Both Office Ally Practice Mate and Counsol Software offer comprehensive practice management, but Office Ally has better features and is more suitable for your needs.

Helen Baumeister did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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